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The Latest News
(posted on September 14, 2009)
*UPDATED ON October 4, 2009 - see all highligted sections below*

I've got a LOT to report this time!! ^^

General News About the Group:
• Do As Infinity performed at a-nation '09, and they will also perform at Budokan on November 29! (FYI: they performed their "farewell" concert at Budokan on November 29, 2005.)

On September 13, Van sang Japan's national anthem (君が代 - "Kimi ga Yo") at the 7th annual Super GT races. (^^) You might remember that one of Do As Infinity's new songs, "Timeless", was used on a GT/racing show. (Thanks to ANNA for the news!)

This fall, the last part of the InuYasha manga will be adapted to anime, and Do As Infinity will once again perform one of the theme songs. (^^) This time, it's an opening song called 君がいない未来 ("Kimi ga Inai Mirai"), which means "A Future Without You". You can learn more on this page, and also on this page.

    You can also watch the new opening here!
 (Thanks to tulron41, EienDAIfan5d9 and jwill for the InuYasha news and links!)

Former(?) member Dai Nagao recently had a fun jam session in his home studio (without his sunglasses on!) featuring Aria Asia, Mike Ripoll and Richie Pena. (Thanks to Pab for posting this information!)

A second round of the official "Do! Creative!!" contest is currently underway. This is a special contest where fans from all over the world compose songs for Do As Infinity, and the winner(s) will have their music featured on an upcoming CD!  Best of all, avex apparently works fast, because last time there were three winners, and they were all featured on the "Eternal Flame" album: Yu composed "Nighter", Yousuke Kawashima composed "Kitakaze", and SHINPEI did "Hi"!!

    The second "Do! Creative!!" contest, to my surprise and shock, actually started on September 1. (.__.) And it ends on October 31, for those who want to enter, please hurry and try your best!! Good luck; gambatte!!!

News About the Album:
1) A special book called "Do The Museum" will be released on September 29, exactly one day before the album. This special book is expected to give details on how all of their lyrics/songs were created, and it will also include a NEW SONG (which you can sample on their official MySpace page. ^_^). You can [pre]order your book on HMV's site. And yes, this site DOES ship overseas!!!

    You can now get the book here, on Amazon Japan as well!  However, you need to set up an account with them (FYI: other Amazon accounts do NOT work on Amazon Japan). Setting up an account with them is easy to do, though. Here's a handy guide that will help. ^^

2) The album debuted at #6 on the Oricon Charts! =D

3) If you order the album from "mu-mo" (an exclusive Japan-only store), you'll get a bonus T-shirt:

(click each shirt for a larger view - thanks to Yahiko for the pics!)

"CD+DVD" T-Shirt "CD Only" T-Shirt

4) There's a bonus track that's ONLY available on the CD+DVD Version: "Tangerine Dream ~10th Anniversary~"

5) The DVD features 3 music videos:

• Saigo no GAME
• Umareyuku Mono-tachi e

First Edition CD+DVD [pre]orders (ie: whoever [pre]-ordered the CD+DVD earliest) will have a fourth, special video: a documentary called 「Do As復活までの軌跡」 (rough translation: "Do As [Infinity]'s Miraculous Revival")

6) The tracklist for the album has been confirmed:

02. 最後のGAME ("Saigo no GAME")
03. Perfect World
04. 名もなき革命 ("Namonaki Kakumei")
05. ナイター ("Nighter")
06. Feelin' The Light
07. メラメラ ("MERAMERA")
08. Piece Of Your Heart
09. 北風 ("Kitakaze")
10. his hometown
11. 焔 ("Honoo")
12. 生まれゆくものた ("Umareyuku Mono-tachi e")
13. [BONUS] Tangerine Dream ~10th Anniversary~

...You can sample ALL of the tracks (except for the bonus track) on their official MySpace page!!

7) Three of the songs were composed by winners of the "Do! Creative!!" contest: Yu ("Nighter"), Yosuke Kawashima ("Kitakaze"), and SHINPEI ("Honoo")!!!

8) The PV/music video for "Saigo no GAME" was done in 3D/CGI, and created by Masahiro Ushiyama.
View the full(?) PV for "Saigo no GAME" here.

9) Two more PVs have been released!:
Watch "Eternal Flame" PV
Watch "NAITAA (Nighter)" PV

..."NAITAA (Nighter)" is a special PV that was NOT released on the DVD. ^^

Lastly, several promo pics were released for this new album:

(click each image for a larger view - thanks to ANNA for the pics!)

Promo #1 Promo #2 Promo #3

If you want a HUGE version of "Promo #1" (2000 x 1180), click here.
(Thanks to Frozenbreak for the larger pic!)

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