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New Song + (Sorta) New Lyrics!
(posted on February 7, 2010)

01. (Sorta) New Lyrics
First, I'll start on the lyrics. (^^)  For some miraculous reason, Do As Infinity did an "official English" translation for the ENTIRE "Eternal Flame" album! The bad news is, the official lyrics are a bit Engrish-y -- they're very literal translations, and a bit choppy to read. So that means I'll still have to use translators to get a more "natural" interpretation.

The good news is that the official lyrics can help clear up a few issues!  For example, we now know exactly what happened in "Nighter", when the singer pulled over on a bridge.  We also know whether "there" or "they're" was being used in "Eternal Flame [the song]".  The official English lyrics can help the translators in certain situations. ^^

And of course, this is "good news" for you as well: until we get the "natural" translations done, you'll still be able to read the "translation" in English! (Assuming they keep translating all of their songs this way).

You can read the "official" English lyrics here! (^^) I've also posted in link at the bottom of each individual lyric on this site. 

02. New Song
A new Do As Infinity song was recently revealed! It's called "Everything will be all right".

This song will be used to promote "Battle of 6: Boat Race" (click on the link, let the site load, and the song will play in about 5 seconds). I believe this is an actual boat race that took place on New Year's Day, 2010.  To promote the event, they hired some actors and made commercials (featuring this song) that look more like promos for a drama series.

I've updated the "Commercialized Page" accordingly. And, I also created a 1:04 sample of the song, which was ripped from TWO videos on the website.

Download a sample of the song here
(NOTE: You can also hear a better, "official" sample on Do As Infinity's MySpace page. [Thank you, Liz Z., for pointing this out!)

I Ripped These Samples From:
1) Battle of 6 website -> click on Link "03" -> play the first video
2) Battle of 6 website -> click on Link "02" -> play the first video (60 sec)

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