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New Releases!
(posted on May 15, 2010)

A new DVD has been released!

The DVD was recorded from their 10th anniversary concert at Budokan. (^^) iTunes also has the video available for download, AND they have an exclusive "CD"/MP3 audio rip download, too!  Unfortunately, there are a few major differences between both versions, which I talk about in the "Albums" and "DVDs" page. Click here to learn the tracklisting for the DVD version and the "CD" version.

A new single will be released in June!

The new single is called ∞2 ("Infinity 2[Ni]"), and it'll be released on June 16, which is exactly one year after the release of "Infinity 1".  avex also announced that, like "Infinity 1", this new single will have four tracks. Some of the tracks (possibly two) will be from the winners of "Do! Creative".

Interestingly enough, several months ago, someone at DAIForum correctly guessed that there will be more "Infinity" singles. They also guessed that each CDS will have a different color and eventually form a "rainbow". I wonder if they're right about this too? I also wonder if this 4-track-CDS pattern will continue as well? ^^

Anyway, the CD cover has been released, and so has the tracklist:

01.  1/100
02.  Everything will be all right
04.  パイルドライバー (PAIRUDORAIBAA - "Piledriver")

"Everything will be all right" was used in a commercial for Boat Race 6. "1/100" will also be used in a commercial for the show, and it will air in July.  However, you can sample the song today by clicking here!

A new PV/music video was also filmed for the song "1/100".  You can preview the PV (and a longer clip of the song) in this video.

No word yet if
"Everything will be all right" is going to have a PV too.

Special Collaboration with UNICEF, a children's charity

Do As Infinity (and moumoon) have joined UNICEF Japan on a very special project called "Happy Birthday Download for Children". Each day a different Japanese singer performs "Happy Birthday" and it's available as a 600 ($6.00) download; all proceeds (including taxes) will go to UNICEF. The project started on November 2, 2009. It was originally going to be for 110 days, but it's still ongoing. You can learn a bit more information (including the names of all of the artists) on this English website.

I believe the songs are only available as ringtones (see the commercial), but I could be wrong. I think the songs are also broadcast in their entirity (3 minutes!) on J-Wave, a Japanese radio station, from 11:42 to 11:45 PM.

Unfortunately, moumoon already performed (on April 20, 2010) but Do As Infinity hasn't. I've contacted UNICEF to see if non-Japanese people can purchase these songs (and if we can backorder them); I'll let you know what they say.

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