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A Few Things to Report
(posted on June 4, 2010)

I know I'm behind on my updates...and I apologize. I've been stressed/tired because I'm attending TWO SCHOOLS.  But fear not!  I've updated the site now, and there's some good news to report:

Their 23rd single was released!

Their latest single, 2, was released on June 16 (which is exactly one year after 1's release). And it debuted at #7 on the Oricon charts! :D

The entire single has also been translated and added to the site. (^^) The full PV for "1/100" has also been released too. It's a pretty cool video, with a sci-fi vibe to it (plus Ryo does some crazy dance moves. xD)

Unfortunately, the PV hasn't been released on DVD...yet.  But supposedly, there's also a second PV version -- which you CAN own, if you pre-ordered the CDS from mu-mo (a Japanese store) -- but I haven't the 2nd PV anywhere yet. If you have this version and would like to share it, please email me. ^^

Their newsletter format has changed.

For anyone who's subscribed to Do As Infinity's original newsletters, you might remember that it was a bit bland: it just mentioned news reports, most of which you could find on their official website. Well, as of June 2010, that's changed. Their official newsletter is now a mixture of news AND blog postings. Ryo and Van are both contributing to the newsletter directly, and they'll occassionally release pictures too. ^_^

Maybe I'll create a section for their (translated) newsletters...if I get enough emails requesting it. ^_~

A new anniversary tour is being planned!

It'll be called "11th Anniversary Live 2010", and will be held at Shibuya AX on September 29 (which, of course, is their 11th anniversary). You can learn more information on this page of their official website.

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