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SEVEN Major Announcements
(posted on December 26, 2010)

As a Christmas gift to you, I decided to make a long overdue update.  And somehow, I think my last News message (from October 31, 2010) didn't show up you missed my message. ~__~

That means I have....(counts)...SEVEN things to tell you. (x__X)  Click on the bulleted items to open/close them, and read more. (note: I used toggling bullets so I could reduce the page length.)

01) It's WAFTF's 5th anniversary!

02) It's a-nation's 10th anniversary!

03) It's Do As Infinity's 11th anniversary!

04) A new album will be released!

05) Nico Douga Event #2: "Live Best III" DVD Vote

06) Nico Douga Event #3: "Eight" Album Preview

07) 4th Nico Douga Event: December 31! Don't miss it!

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