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Not an April Fool's Joke
(posted on April 1, 2011)

...It's actually true: I AM still alive. And so is this website. xD

Life's been kinda crazy for me, with school, illness, and a few deaths in between.  But everything is fine now...and I come bearing gifts!

I've FINALLY added the "Eight" album to the site! (^^) Translations aren't done yet (Kiwi Musume has been SUPER busy with work lately), but the romaji lyrics have been posted.

I've also added a LOT of videos in the Other -> NicoDouga area. There's a full concert, plus an acoustic live AND rare photos for you to download and enjoy. (^_^) I've also added two Van-related files:

1) Van recently did a commercial for Kirin Beer.  If you want to see it, go to the Tributes section.

2) I actually have REAL FOOTAGE of Van playing the guitar! It's not just a rumor anymore! But if you want to see it, you'll have to visit Van's site and click on "Downloads". :D

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