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The Biggest Update EVER
(posted on October 20, 2011)

A LOT has happened in the...*counts*...six months I haven't updated the site. Good lord, it's been THAT LONG since I did an update?!!! Going to 2 schools really IS time consuming and tiring, ain't it?!! o_O

Anyway...because a lot has happened since April, I'm going to post this update a bit differently.

Click on the bulleted items to open/close them, and read more. (note: I used toggling bullets so I could reduce the page length.)

01) The "Eight" album has finally been translated!!

02) There's an instrumental version of "Hand in Hand"!

03) Their official fanclub ("Dive At It") will be revived!

04) There were THREE MORE Nico Douga performances!

05) Three (yes THREE) new singles were announced!!

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