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Big News for a Happy Holiday Season
(posted on December 26, 2011)

First of all, Happy Holidays!  Have a great New Year, Christmas, Hannakuh, or whatever you celebrate. :D

In honor of the holidays, Do As Infinity and I have a lot of presents for you!

A new concert!!

Do As Infinity will be having their usual "Countdown Live" on December 30, 2011.  As expected, all tickets have sold out...but they will also be broadcasting the concert online, for FREE!! See below for more info. Hope to see you there!!:

Air Date: Dec-30-2011
Time: 18:00 - 21:30 [that's 3.5 hours!!] (Doors open at 17:30)

Nico Douga URL:

UStream URL:

New lyrics were added to the site.

I finally added the translated lyrics to the "Chikai" single, and I made minor updates to a few other pages as well.

A new song was revealed!

Earlier this month (December), Do As Infinity announced a new song called "Koiuta"...which means "Love Song".  It will be used in a movie called "Watashi no Oji-san" (trans: "My Uncle"), which is an award-winning (but controversial) story about the forbidden love between a cameraman and his niece.

Here's a little bit of "6 degrees of separation" for you: one of the film's stars was also in the TV series "Ariadne no Dangan", which is the show that "Ariadne no Ito" was used in. =)

A brand new album will be released!!

The album is called "Time Machine", and will be released on February 29, 2012.  There will be two versions: CD Only, and CD + 2 DVDs. At the moment, no tracklisting has been revealed...but maybe, if we're lucky, they'll give us another "sneak peek" during one of their live Nico Douga concerts. (^^) Stay tuned!!!

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