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A Small (But Important) Update
(posted on January 21, 2012)

There's two things I want you to know, and they both involve Nico Douga:

"Countdown Live 2011-2012", and "Guess That Song!" (2 past events)

I've uploaded the Countdown Live (from December 30, 2011) to the "Nico Douga (VidRips)" download page. Sadly, the concert wasn't 3 hours long. It was half that time; it lasted only 1.5 hours. (;_;) But oh well! It was still a pretty good concert...and they performed a new song, "Koiuta", at the concert too! =D (That reminds me...I forgot to update the "Commercialized" page with this song. This mistake has now been fixed.)

On January 9, there was another small Nico Douga event. Basically, they played a song for 3 seconds, and you had to guess the correct song. If you got ONE answer wrong, you were eliminated from the entire round. When the round was finished, they'd randomly pick an audience member and you'd win some sort of prize (if you contacted a certain email address within 24 hours).  The game lasted for about 10 rounds, and was almost 2 hours long. It was pretty fun. ^.^

"Time Machine Album Preview" (upcoming event; January 21, 2012)
That's right...tonight, in SEVEN (7) hours, there will be a MAJOR event on Nico Douga:
there will be a preview of the new album, like what they did with "Eight" last year. And also, according to lanfix (a member of DAIForum): "DoAs will make [an] appearance, giving comments about the songs".

Air Date: Jan-21-2011
Air Time: 21:30 (Doors open at 21:20)

Nico Douga URL:
UStream URL:

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