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Updates for April 21, 2012
(posted on April 21, 2012)

Well it's been exactly 3 months since my last update, but I'm back! =D

Their newest album has been added to the site

"Time Machine" has been added, and I've also written a lengthy review + theory on it. Basically, the "Time Machine" album pays homage to a lot of their older albums, and some of the songs are even "remakes" of other songs. For example..."Koiuta" sampled its main melody from "ai no uta". And it's probably no coincidence that both songs, when translated to English, mean "love song".

Right now, there's only romaji lyrics for most of these songs. The translations should be here by May, since I have to re-update the site then (i.e., another moumoon CD will be released in May).

I updated the "Nico Downloads" page

I added FOUR new videos (#014-#017). This includes the original, longer album previews for "Time Machine", and another "Secret [Acoustic] Live".

Also: I've included the original air dates for each event, just to make things a little easier to read/navigate. =D

The "Time Machine" Live Tour is underway!

I know I don't usually talk about their tours, but I really wanted to say two things. First of all, Kazco is touring with them again! (^^) She's a backup vocalist, and one of the original "GREAT TOUR BAND" members who toured with Do As Infinity years ago. You can hear her beautiful voice on "Do The Best", in the bonus tracks.

Also...I'm really hoping that they'll air this concert on Nico Douga, like they did last year for the "Eight" tour. This time, I WON'T accidentally buy a ticket and watch the concert prematurely. I swear on a dead cornstalk, I won't fail. T__T

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