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Updates for August 6, 2012
(posted on August 6, 2012)

Yes, I have returned! Life has been beating me down and keeping me busy, but fear not! I have gifts for you, and LOTS of news! =D

I fixed a few errors on the site, and updated several pages.

There was a coding error on the "Lyricists" page; some of the menu options weren't appearing.  I also forgot to update the "Links" section with the new URL for "Map of the Heart".  Both of these errors have now been fixed. =)

As for the site updates...more info will be listed later on this page, but I do want you to know that there's a special surprise on the "Nico Douga" video page. You can watch one of the "Time Machine Tour" concerts! ^___^

•  I've updated the Discography pages.

Kiwi Musume translated the following songs from the "Time Machine" album:
I know there's still a lot of lyrics left to translate...and I'm working with Kiwi Musume to get them translated.  She's also been very busy with life, so please bear with us.  Sorry for all the delays! >_<;

(I also fixed a minor issue in the lyrics to "10W40", and updated the RID Squad page as a result.)

ANOTHER album will be released this year, on October 10!

Since it's their 10th album, it'll be called "Do As Infinity X" (where the "X" is read as the Roman numeral "ten").

Since this CD starts with a "D" (and not an "E", which is the last letter of "Time Machine"), the album doesn't follow the Shiritori game.
...However, a DAIForum member named boxxed stated that "X" can also be read in Japanese katakana as "Ekkusu"...and that starts with an "E", so it would technically adhere to the Shiritori game. =P

I'm still not 100% sure if this will be a new album, or a "special" album like "Do The Live" or "Do The Best". And the tracklist hasn't been revealed yet, either...but we do know there's 2 versions of the album: CD+DVD (with a DVD of their "Time Machine" Live Tour), and CD Only.

Here's a little more information about the album:

News Report from

Translation by jwill @

"Do As Infinity carried out their nation wide tour 【Do As Infinity Live Tour 2012-TIME MACHINE-】 that reached out to over 10,000 people on Saturday July 7th.

On this stage, they officially announced the release of their 10th original album "Do As Infinity X" (read as "Do As Infinity Ten") for October 10th.

"Because of you (our fans) we are able to release a new album... Thank you so much everyone!" They shouted to the full hall.

Moreover, with this release they announced a live on 9/29 for their anniversary titled 【Do As Infinity 13th Anniversary-Dive At It Limited Live 2012】 at Shibuya AX that is restricted for fan club member's only. As a request of members, they will be able to choose the songs performed at the live. This can be done at the Fan Club site from July 9th to July 31st.

Additionally there will be another yearly countdown titled 【Do As Infinity COUNTDOWN LIVE“ゆく年来 る年インフィニティ12→13”(仮)】.

It seems Do As Infinity's activities will increase more and more as the year progresses."

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