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Updates from August 2012 - January 2013
(posted on January 14, 2013)

It's been FIVE MONTHS since I last updated the website (yikes! x_x), so I've got a lot to report. But first, I need to mention something: I want to change WAFTF's layout! Please fill out this small survey and give me your opinion! Thanks in advance! :D

Now then, onto the updates for Do As Infinity!! I'll be mentioning things in brief, straight-to-the-point manner though.  You might remember that I last updated in August, and mentioned the upcoming 13th anniversary as well as a new album called "Do As Infinity X".  So:


1) I updated the following pages:

2) Two special concerts were aired (on Nico Douga) in honor of the 13th anniversary:

3)  That's right, Tomiko Van is now married!

Yes, it's true.  She filed for marriage in mid-September, and made the big announcement during the 13th anniversary live.  The news was huuuuuge in Japan, and was the lead story in several newspapers!

 Here's the original article:

"It's been reported that Do As Infinity's vocalist Van Tomiko (33) has gotten married in mid-September. This surprise  announcement was made during the encore of the unit's live concert at Shibuya AX on September 29th.

According to sources, Van's husband is a non-celebrity man who is 4 years her junior. He's described as an 'ikemen with a fresh  and neat impression'. The two immediately started dating after meeting last summer. They submitted their marriage papers at the  ward office in mid-September.

During the concert, Van stated, 'I wanted to make my marriage announcement first to my fans who have always supported me.' She  also commented, 'He's a kind and faithful person who supports me with a broad mind. While understanding and helping each other,  I want to spend my life with him. It would make me happy if you would watch over us warmly.'

This day marked Do As Infinity's '13th birthday'. They performed a total of 23 songs including tracks off of their upcoming  10th album, 'Do As Infinity X' (October 10th release).


--Originally posted on TokyoHive

4) Here's more information about the "Do As Infinity X" album:

  1. The album's tracklist and cover art were revealed on August 31 (I think).

  2. On September 7, it was revealed that "mannequin" (a new song on the "X" album) would be the theme song on a KTV show called "Pillow Talk".

  3. One week later (September 14)this promo video for the "X" album was released. In the background you'll hear another new song, "YOAKE WA CHIKAI". You'll also hear some of the songs from the DVD that's included with the album (the DVD was recorded from their "TIME MACHINE" tour).

  4. About two weeks later (on September 26), both "mannequin" and "YAOKE WA CHIKAI" were released on a promo CD single. This CD single is also called "Do As Infinity X", and it's an iTunes exclusive. There are NO KARAOKE TRACKS (or bonus songs) included on it.

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