Nico Douga/UStream (Video Rips)

Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画), also called "Nico Douga" or simply "Nico Nico", is a Japanese video site. It's similar to YouTube. (^^) Do As Infinity has been giving several LIVE broadcasts on Nico Douga -- and they usually share lots of goodies, including new songs! This page will attempt to collect and archive some of their best Nico Douga moments.

If you want to participate in these events, you'll need a Nico Douga account. You can join for free...but, the registration process is a bit tricky, so please be sure to read this guide.

Also, as of October 2, Do As Infinity now has a UStream account.  This URL will stay the same for ALL future events, and you don't need a UStream account to watch videos! =D

Lastly, as a disclaimer, please note that if these events are ever released on DVD, these files will be taken offline. No copyright infringement is intended by sharing these files.

List of Nico Douga/UStream Events:

#19 | #18 | #17 | #16 | #15
#14 | #13 | #12 | #11 | #10 | #9 | #8
#7 | #6 | #5 | #4 | #3 | #2 | #1


Nico Douga Event #19: "Do As Infinity 13th Anniversary: 'Dive At It' Limited Live 2012"
October 8, 2012

This live actually took place on their anniversary (September 29), but it was exclusive to fan club members. Members could also choose which songs would be performed...and a total of 23 songs were performed! It was later aired on Nico Douga (and UStream) on October 8, 2012.

This concert also had two big surprises: (1) they performed ALL the songs from the "X" album, and (2) Van announced that she was married!

The concert's setlist is below. (^^) You can download the concert below too, but be warned: the first 7 minutes are ONLY audio (due to technical difficulties). However, this concert WILL be officially released on DVD and BluRay on February 13, 2013!!

01. Kuusou Ryodan
02. ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito
03. Special
04. Tsurezure Naru Mama ni
06. Tokyo Annetai
07. Work!
08. Renge
09. mannequin
10. KOPERINIKESU (Copernicus)
11. Right now
12. Sou-densen
13. Mata Asu mo Sukoshi Dake Gambarou to Omou
15. Oasis
17. Kagaku no Yoru
18. Boukensha-tachi
19. under the sun
20. One or Eight
21. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari

Download: Part 1 | Part 2
(Thanks to
jwill for capturing and uploading this!)

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Event #18 (Aired on TV): "Do As Infinity LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TIME MACHINE~"
June 10, 2012

This was not aired on Nico Douga OR UStream; instead it was broadcast on TSUTAYA TV. According to Buranko (a member of DAIForum), this concert took place on June 10, at NHK Hall Osaka. It was recorded with a handheld camera (so the quality isn't the best), but at least you can see it. Enjoy! This was a looong concert!! :D

Watch the June 10th "Time Machine" concert

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Nico Douga Event #17: "Do As Infinity: Secret Live #2"
March 14, 2012

This is their second, secret live. As ANNA (a member of DAIForum) stated about the first one: "the secret live is only for the fan who purchased the CD! You have to insert the password you found on the white sheet sponsoring NICO NICO LIVE". (^^) This time the password (as revealed by Rizu) was doasinfinity20120229; EVERYONE could use this code!

Like the first secret live, this one was also held at Tower Records (which is the same music store where Event #6 occurred), and Do As Infinity gave yet another short (only 5 songs), acoustic concert:

01. Why?
02. Koiuta
03. Tasogare
04. Sun Shower
05. ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito

I recorded the event this time, and posted it below.

Do As Infinity: Secret Live #2 (acoustic concert)

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Nico Douga Event #16: "Otocheck! (Interview)"
February 29, 2012

"Otocheck!" is a music show on NicoDouga, dedicated to new music releases. They also have interviews with popular artists, as well as brand new artists. (^^) Do As Infinity was briefly interviewed on the show (since this was also the release date of "TIME MACHINE"), and asked a variety of questions on several topics...including toilet paper. xD

Since this was just an interview, there are no downloads for this event.

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Nico Douga Event #15: "9 Hour Special"
February 12, 2012

Similar to the "8 Hours of Do As Infinity" event (which was held in honor of their 8th album), this was a 9-hour video marathon, in honor of their 9th album. There are no downloads for this event.

The fans voted on which concerts would be aired. I can't remember everything that was shown, but I know the "Final Live" was shown, and their "Premier" concert was also aired.

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