Nico Douga/UStream (Video Rips)

Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画), also called "Nico Douga" or simply "Nico Nico", is a Japanese video site. It's similar to YouTube. (^^) Do As Infinity has been giving several LIVE broadcasts on Nico Douga -- and they usually share lots of goodies, including new songs! This page will attempt to collect and archive some of their best Nico Douga moments.

If you want to participate in these events, you'll need a Nico Douga account. You can join for free...but, the registration process is a bit tricky, so please be sure to read this guide.

Also, as of October 2, Do As Infinity now has a UStream account.  This URL will stay the same for ALL future events, and you don't need a UStream account to watch videos! =D

Lastly, as a disclaimer, please note that if these events are ever released on DVD, these files will be taken offline. No copyright infringement is intended by sharing these files.

List of Nico Douga/UStream Events:

#19 | #18 | #17 | #16 | #15
#14 | #13 | #12 | #11 | #10 | #9 | #8
#7 | #6 | #5 | #4 | #3 | #2 | #1


Other Live Performances
TV shows, live concerts, etc.

This page is pretty self-explanatory: I will add a few vidoe clips that were donated by fans. (^^) Some of these are quite recent and others are very old...but all of them are pretty awesome to watch!

3rd Anniversary Live
Donated by: Sone-chan
Extended live with Dai Nagao.

"Space Shower TV" Special: Live at Naruto Beach & Shibuya Streets + "Rumble Fish"
Donated by: Sone-chan
Password is sonesagara
download: pt1 | pt2 | pt3

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