Nico Douga/UStream (Video Rips)

Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画), also called "Nico Douga" or simply "Nico Nico", is a Japanese video site. It's similar to YouTube. (^^) Do As Infinity has been giving several LIVE broadcasts on Nico Douga -- and they usually share lots of goodies, including new songs! This page will attempt to collect and archive some of their best Nico Douga moments.

If you want to participate in these events, you'll need a Nico Douga account. You can join for free...but, the registration process is a bit tricky, so please be sure to read this guide.

Also, as of October 2, Do As Infinity now has a UStream account.  This URL will stay the same for ALL future events, and you don't need a UStream account to watch videos! =D

Lastly, as a disclaimer, please note that if these events are ever released on DVD, these files will be taken offline. No copyright infringement is intended by sharing these files.

List of Nico Douga/UStream Events:

#19 #18 | #17 | #16 | #15
#14 | #13 | #12 | #11 | #10 | #9 | #8
#7 | #6 | #5 | #4 | #3 | #2 | #1


Nico Douga Event #14: "'TIME MACHINE' Album Preview"
January 21, 2012

On January 21, another Nico Douga event was held. This time, they played long previews (about 1 minute each!) for the entire "TIME MACHINE" album! While the songs played, the lyrics were also shown on-screen. (^^) In-between each video was a brief interview with Do As Infinity! They also gave previews of the "12th Anniversary Live" DVD.

My friend lanfix was able to capture footage from this event, and rip it to audio. I cleaned the audio and posted the revised files below. Please note that we're ONLY posting new songs: "Chikai", "Tasogare", and "ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito" were excluded from the file.

"TIME MACHINE" (album preview; new songs only)
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Nico Douga Event #13: "Guess That Song!"
January 9, 2012

Actually there's NO VIDEO for this event, and here's why (as I stated in the "News" section):

On January 9, there was another small Nico Douga event. Basically, they played a song for 3 seconds, and you had to guess the correct song. If you got ONE answer wrong, you were eliminated from the entire round. When the round was finished, they'd randomly pick an audience member and you'd win some sort of prize (if you contacted a certain email address within 24 hours).  The game lasted for about 10 rounds, and was almost 2 hours long. It was pretty fun. ^.^

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Nico Douga Event #12: "Countdown Live (2011-2012)"
December 30, 2011

This is their annual "Countdown Live" performance, which aired live on December 30, 2011 and was one of two performances. (^^) The second performance was on December 31, and sadly it was NOT aired on Nico Douga...which really sucks because they gave a rare, live performance of "Raven".

Download "Countdown Live (2011-2012)"
(NOTE: The concert was split in TWO videos: the full concert, and the encore. Both videos were split into pieces; you must download ALL pieces, and reassemble them with HJSplit.)

The concert setlist/tracklist was as follows (thanks to lanfix for typing this!!):

01. Kouzou Kaikaku
02. Boukensha-tachi
04. 135
05. Desire
07. D/N/A
08. Boku-tachi no Ketsudan
09. Get yourself
10. We are.
11. Umareyuku Mono-tachi e
12. Yotaka no Yume (with a special piano intro!)
13. Tasogare
14. new world
16. ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito
17. Kimi ga Inai Mirai
18. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari

Fan's Chant ~Encore!~
20. Koiuta *new song*
21. Timeless
22. Special
23. ai no uta

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Nico Douga Event #11: "12th Anniversary ~FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS! Vol. 3.~"
October 2, 2011

Thanks to lanfix, MimaKinomoto, and JPopDL for help posting this!

This is yet another "free soul" concert. And as usual, it was 100% FREE to attend. (^^) For some reason, it didn't occur on their actual anniversary date (which was September 29), but they did announce on September 29 that the concert would be streamed live. Most overseas fans thought they wouldn't be able to see it, so it was a HUGE surprise!!! =D

This was also their first live event to debut on UStream. ^^ The concert was VERY long (2 1/2 hours, and 24 songs!), and they debuted a new song, "Tasogare"...which wouldn't be released until next month, on November 16th!

View photos from the 12th anniversary concert -- click this link to view the DAIForum thread, and look at the images there. :)

Download the "12th Anniversary Live"
Full concert (video; must reassemble parts)
-- Mirror One (6 parts)[!a] | Mirror Two (13 parts)[!a][!b]
Full concert (audio rip; separate track; ripped by lanfix) -- download audio rips[!c]

[!a] You will need WinRar to open these files. Only choose ONE MIRROR; their parts are NOT compatible with each other!

[!b] Password = mugendai

[!b] The talks/MCs (and the outro) weren't included in the audio rips.

The concert setlist/tracklist was as follows (thanks to MimaKinomoto for typing this AND adding notes):

01. Saigo no GAME
02. Special
03. Boukensha-tachi
--- 1st talk [1]
05. Tsubasa no Keikaku
06. Good for you
07. Chikai
--- 2nd talk
08. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
09. one flesh [2]
10. Week!
11. Painful [3]
--- 3rd talk [4]
12. Field of dreams
13. Boku-tachi no Ketsudan
14. Need Your Love
--- 4th talk [5]
16. ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito
18. under the sun
19. Grateful Journey
20. One or Eight + ( MEMBER INTRODUCTION )
21. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
- ENCORE - [6]
--- 5th talk [7]
22. Tasogare
--- short talk
24. Tooku Made
- END/OUTRO - [9]
[1] "Good evening, everyone! We're Do As Infinity!!"

[2] Everyone sings "my friends"

[3] Ryo comes in acting like a rapper and goes insane during the song lol. Ban-chan has to stop singing many times because she can't stop laughing! After the song is over, Ban-chan says "sorry for laughing haha".

[4] They talk a bit about a song they would play then, that's about the band, and most people seemed to guess it was Field of dreams... which was xD (obviously.. but some people thought it could be "Kuusou Ryodan")

[5] They talk about the fanclub and how it was reopened recently. Someone calls Ryo 'Owatari!' again and he says "'Owatari' again?" XD (that's becoming some kind of habit xD)

[6] They leave the stage for a few minutes, not long... the live was going for 2 hours then.

[7] Someone called Ryo "Oyaji!!!" which can mean "old man" LOL. He then threw the Dive At It thing away. (xD) Later, they started reading from pieces of paper and announced a COUNTDOWN LIVE!!! I don't have to say the date, right? (XD) Then they talk about the new single that's about to be released ["Tasogare"] and also announce they'll be playing it there for the first time. Of course we all knew that. Awesome song.

[8] Ban-chan playing the guitaaar! This song was just too good there... it seemed even better than the studio version!

[9] "ai no uta" plays in the background while they bow and talk some more before leaving. The whole live was 2,5 hours.

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Nico Douga Event #10: "Do As Infinity: Secret Live #1"
September 11, 2011

According to ANNA (a member of DAIForum), "the secret live is only for the fan who purchased [the "ARIADNE no Ito"] CD! You have to insert the password you found on the white sheet sponsoring NICO NICO LIVE". (^^) It was held at Tower Records (which is the same music store where Event #6 occurred), and Do As Infinity gave yet another short (only 5 songs), acoustic concert:

01. Welcome!
02. Chikai
03. ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito
04. Boku-tachi no Ketsudan
05. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari

ANNA also recorded the event, which I've posted below.

Do As Infinity: Secret Live (acoustic concert)

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Nico Douga Event #9: "'Live Tour 2011 ~Eight~' Final Concert"
June 11, 2011

This concert (I believe) was first announced at the end of Event #8...

On June 11, the LAST CONCERT from their "Eight" tour was aired live on Nico Douga.  This concert was also recorded (and then replayed on Nico Douga) until July 18.

Here's the catch: this concert WAS NOT FREE. You had to buy a Nico Douga ticket (which cost ¥2,000). Tickets went on sale from early June (before the concert aired) until July 11 (after the concert aired, but was now streaming on Nico Douga). I managed to a ticket...

But here's another catch I didn't realize: you can only view the full concert ONCE PER TICKET. I clicked the link too soon, and basically wasted my money. I was PISSED...I went through hell getting that ticket and almost wanted to remove WAFTF out of anger. This site would've been offline forever.

Thankfully I managed to find a download of it (thanks to JpopDL for the video!!!), so all is well! (^^) It turned out to be a really long concert, AND they debuted a new song ("Chikai")!

"Live Tour 2011 ~Eight" concert: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

Tracklist (thanks to jwill for posting this!)

01. Baby! Baby! Baby!
02. Special
03. Blue
04. Boukensha-tachi
05. Everything will be all right
06. Boku ga Egaiteta Boku
07. Fly to the Freedom
08. --- 1st MC
09. 1/100
10. Another
11. 1176-jikan
12. --- 2nd MC
14. Hand in Hand
15. --- 3rd MC
16. Yesterday & Today
17. Kagaku no Yoru
18. --- 4th MC
19. Gates of heaven
21. Tooku Made
22. Kimi ga Inai Mirai
23. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
24. --- Fan Chant
25. --- Happy Birthday (to Jun Takase, member of THE GREAT TOUR BAND)
26. Chikai
27. --- 5th MC
28. ai no uta
29. For the future

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Nico Douga Event #8: "Past Live Performances"
May 14, 2011

I'm REALLY not sure what this event was about. I think it's somehow related to their tour for the "Eight" album, because I think Event #8's Nico Douga page mentions a live DVD...

According to dothebest_infinity (a member of DAIForum), this event "only show[ed] selected live clips from DVDs." And jokerways (another forum member) seems to think you could vote for which live clips they would air/put on DVD.

Needless to say, no downloads are available for this event.

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