Random Facts (Did You Know?)

  1. "Do As Infinity" is named after its creator, Dai Nagao.
  2. In the early years of Do As Infinity, ALL lyricists/composers/arrangers were listed as "D.A.I.", which stood for Do As Infinity. This made things VERY confusing, because Dai Nagao also called himself "D.A.I." whenever he did solo work. Years later, they stopped doing this and started naming each individual creator.
  3. "Dai" means many things in Japanese. Aside from it being a person's name, it can also mean "something great". =)
  4. Before Do As Infinity formed, Dai Nagao was already working with powerhouse avex artists like Ayumi Hamasaki (Ayu) and hitomi. (^^) You can learn more about his solo work on his section of the site.
  5. Other popular artists Dai Nagao supposedly worked with include Judy and Mary, Nokko, and Mariko Ide.
  6. Before Dai joined avex, he used to work in an amateur band. He also worked part-time as a security guard! (That definitely explains his no-bullsh** attitude. o_o)
  7. When Do As Infinity was forming, Ryo Owatari met an avex agent in a second-hand clothes store (Ryo was working in the store at the time!), and he was invited to audition for the band.
  8. Ryo turned up for the auditions in a red tracksuit with a Fender Jaguar and his effects pedals. He was asked to perform a small segment, but he didn't care and played 3 songs before going off-stage.
  9. Before Van joined Do As Infinity, she was singing in nightclubs and had just graduated high school. She was going to be a student at the Tokyo Modeling School, and would've probably stayed there had she not been "recruited" by Dai Nagao. ;)
  10. Due to her beauty, and her fame in Do As Infinity, Van was given more opportunities to model. She became a spokesperson for LaVenus hair care products, and several other cosmetic and fashion companies.
  11. Before "Tangerine Dream" was released, DAI and their fellow workers were giving out copies of their recordings for free to passersby. Dai was very good at giving recordings to girls waiting at the traffic lights!
  12. That tactic didn't really work and they decided to perform on the streets...at first no one bothered to stop!...but thankfully more came.
  13. The official Do As Infinity website was created in July 1999. And the average number of visits per day was 7! (xD) One day, it suddenly reached 30 visits and everyone rejoiced, then they discovered the number was due to staff members visiting the site!
  14. A lot of Do As Infinity's early songs were named after bands, including "Tangerine Dream". (^^) You can learn more about this on their Singles section of the site.
  15. The song "Tsurezure Naru Mama ni" (which is sung/written by Ryo) also references a lot of famous rock bands. The song mentions the phrase "kinou to kyou", which means "yesterday & today". (^^) That's the name of another Do As Infinity song; in fact, part of the song is played by harmonica (during the instrumental break), and Van sings the chorus immediately afterwards.
  16. At the celebration dinner for the J-drama "Love 2000" ("Yesterday & Today" was the theme song for this drama), Van had to leave early to record a song. But they needed someone to sing "Yesterday & Today" at the dinner, so of course they choose...Dai Nagao!! (I'd LOVE to see this on film!! xD)
  17. A few years after Do As Infinity became famous, Dai Nagao stopped "being in public" with the band. That's because he wanted to focus on song writing. Interviews and photo shoots took up too much time from his schedule.
  18. When Dai decided to stop "being in public", the band hadn't made a televised appearance yet. So when it was time for their first TV appearance, several staff members worried what the public would think about Dai's absence. To make matters worse, Ryo also didn't show up for the TV appearance...because he was watching TV with Jun Harada!!!
  19. Do As Infinity's first TV appearance was in 2001, on the popular TV show "Music Station". Van represented the band by herself (their producer [Seiji Kameda] was with her, but he was backstage). Van sang "Desire", and instantly made the band more famous.
  20. Due in part to the success of "Desire", "New World" became their first album to reach #1 on the Oricon Charts. (The Oricon Charts are similar to the Billboard Music Charts.)
  21. At their 100th concert, held at Shibuya AX for free, the members of DAI recognized some of the fans as the same people who heard them on the streets.
  22. Tomiko didn't know where Shibuya AX was, and she had to use a map 3 days before the performance!
  23. A couple actually met while listening to DAI's street performances, and for their wedding, Dai Nagao personally sent them a letter saying: "Don't name your son Dai! 'Cuz you won't want him to be like me! Haha!"
  24. "Heart" was actually written before "Tangerine Dream", but it was mixed together in July due to the complicated drum samples. ("Tangerine Dream" was their first released single, and "Heart" was their second. =)
  25. Tomiko sang "Heart" just 42 hours after avex read her application.
  26. Dai Nagao wanted "SUMMER DAYS" to be a single, and not a B-Side to "rumble fish". He got so upset that he argued about it for 3 hours!!!
  27. The cover art for "rumble fish" was actually photographed in Taiwan...and it was on that trip that the inspiration for "Shinjitsu no Uta" came. (^^) During this trip, they also met a Jinghu player in Taiwan, and later asked him to join them for live performances of "Shinjitsu no Uta".
  28. The lead instrument in "Shinjitsu no Uta" is NOT A BAGPIPE!!!!! It's actually a Chinese fiddle called a Jinghu.
  29. "Shinjitsu no Uta" actually became famous in China in July 2002, way before Japan!
  30. Probably because the lead instrument is Chinese, and due to its popularity in China, "Shinjitsu no Uta" was also performed in Mandarin Chinese. The song was included as a bonus on the Overseas [OS]/Non-Japan Release Version of "Gates of Heaven", their 5th official album.
  31. "Shinjitsu no Uta" is apparently VERY special to Do As Infinity. Several years ago, Do As Infinity asked their fans to send them short stories using the band's previous songs as themes. The word "shinjitsu (truth)" had to appear somewhere in the story. The stories were later compiled into a book called "Your Truth". Do As Infinity also named their 4th album after the song (True Song). And years later, Dai Nagao named his record company after the song (True Song Records).
  32. "Hi no Ataru Sakamichi" was also a HUGE HIT in China and Taiwan.
  33. The CD covers/photos for "Hi no Ataru Sakamichi" and "Do The Best" were taken on the same day.
  34. "Mahou no Kotoba" is supposedly HUGE in Japan. It's one of DAI's most popular singles, and it still gets ordered today. In the "Do The A-Side" commentary, Jun Harada states: "This song has become THE song for marriages and weddings, and the lyrics 'meeting those magical words' have become the advertising slogan for companies in the wedding venue business."
  35. "Mahou no Kotoba" was later done in Mandarin Chinese...but unlike "Shinjitsu no Uta", Do As Infinity did NOT sing the Mandarin Version. Instead it was done by Mon Mon, a Taiwanese singer/actress on the avex Taiwan label.
  36. None of the songs on the "Hi no Ataru Sakamichi" CDS were placed on official albums. Both tracks were placed on compilation albums (Do The Best, Do The A-Side, Do The B-Side, etc).
  37. "Faces" and "Simple Minds" are the ONLY songs that are ONLY available on CDS. But "Simple Minds" is (technically) rarer, because there's only one version of the song. (i.e., there are two versions of "Faces": the original version, and the 3SV remix.)
  38. "nice & easy" is another "odd" song; it was ONLY released on "Do The Best".
  39. The bonus tracks on "Do The Best" are acoustic, "GREAT TOUR BAND (GTB) Version"s of their songs. The GTB Versions were NEVER performed live in concert. They were actually recorded in a studio (during the Deep Forest Tour), and they were recorded in only 2 days!
  40. In case you didn't know, the "GREAT TOUR BAND" is the name of the band that travels with DAI when they perform live. It consists of 6 artists, including a back-up singer who sings almost exactly like Van (her name is Kazuko ["Kazco"] Hamano). More information (and pictures!!) for these great artists can be found at Kirin_Rammer's "New World" Site.
  41. You can hear Kazco take lead vocals in "Welcome! [GREAT TOUR BAND Version]". She sings the second part of the song, right after Van calls for "Hamano-san". =)
  42. A week before the Japan Live 8 concert took place, Do As Infinity was included in the lineup. This means they had to perform with very little practice!! But since they do a TON of concerts, they handled it well. Besides, this probably wasn't the first time they had to perform "at the last minute". ^^;
  43. The theme/title of "Boukensha-tachi" was originally "caravan".
  44. Ryo's hair got slightly burnt during filming of the "Boukensha-tachi" PV. Apparently, the fire was too big. o__O
  45. "Tooku Made" was originally a pop song! But the creators of the "Vampire Hunter D" movie wanted something a bit more mature, so the song was rewritten.
  46. The PV/music video for "Tooku Made" is one of the most strenuous video in DAI history: it cost a staggering Y100,000 ($10,000 USD) to make! And it was filmed at a military base, which meant it was SUPER HARD to get permission to go there.
  47. The PV/music video for "Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari" was filmed at a-nation '03. This concert is where the song first debuted. (^^) That same performance was later turned into an audio track, and turned into a bonus track for their "Gates of Heaven" album.
  48. According to Jun Harada (and his "Do The A-Side" commentary), there's a myth that it won't rain whenever "Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari" is performed!
  49. At one point, "Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari" ("Today Will Be Sunny") was going to be called "Honjitsu mo Seiten Nari" ("Today Will Also Be Sunny").
  50. The song "Gates of Heaven" mentions the phrase "kagaku no yoru"...which is also the name of another song on the same album.
  51. Ryo named the "Gates of Heaven" album. (^_^) He also co-wrote the title lyrics with Saiko Kawamura. Saiko was the one who wrote "Kagaku no Yoru", which might explain why that phrase is in the "Gates of Heaven" song.
  52. The intro to "Kouzou Kaikaku" is Van singing backwards. (^^) What she's singing backwards is the last two lines from "CARNAVAL", which is another Do As Infinity song.
  53. In the early days of the group, EVERY LYRICIST in the group wrote lyrics for each song. Afterwards, the best lyrics would become the "official" lyrics for the song. ^^
  54. There are 2 versions of "CARNAVAL": One was written by Saiko Kawamura (Jun & Kayoko), and the other was written by Kayoko Shinchi by herself. One of the versions is half an octave higher than the other.
  55. "Saiko Kawamura" is not a real person. It's actually a pen name for Jun Harada and Kayoko Shinchi. Sometimes "Saiko" is just one person...and sometimes "Saiko" is Jun AND Kayoko together.
  56. Kayoko Shinchi was actually a full-time beautician! She wrote lyrics in her spare time, and she also sang demo songs for the group!!
  57. Ryo wrote the music and lyrics to "Azayaka na Hana" years BEFORE he joined Do As Infinity!! It was originally for his band pee-ka-boo (pkb). But unfortunately, pkb split up in 1998, so Ryo gave the song to Do As Infinity. He later performed the song with his second band, Missile Innovation. (Ironically, EVERYONE in Missile Innovation were also former members of pee-ka-boo!)
  58. Do As Infinity had their own radio program!! It was called "Do As Infinity ~ Manic Monday." It lasted 25 minutes and was aired Mondays (obviously. XD) on Bay FM.
  59. "Manic Monday" is the name of a famous song by The Bangles (which was later covered by Prince and Apollonia 6). Ryo did a rock cover of the song with his new band, Missile Innovation. ^_^
  60. In October 2001, Ryo (who was 30 at the time) got married! His wife is an OL (office lady), who was 29 at the time.