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  1. Tangerine Dream
  2. Heart
  3. Oasis
  4. Yesterday & Today
  5. rumble fish
  6. We are.
  7. Desire
  8. Tooku Made
  9. Week!
  10. Fukai Mori
  11. Boukensha-tachi
  12. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
  13. under the sun / under the moon
  14. Shinjitsu no Uta
  15. Mahou no Kotoba ~Would you marry me?~
  16. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
  17. Hiiragi
  18. Rakuen
  19. For the future
  20. TAO
  1. ∞1 (Infinity Ichi)
  2. Kimi ga Inai Mirai
  3. ∞2 (Infinity Ni)
  5. Chikai
  6. ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito
  7. Tasogare
  8. Do As Infinity X ("EKKUSU") [iTunes Japan Exclusive]

(CD Single #17)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-30519 [CD + DVD], AVCD-30520 [CD Only]
+Release Date: November 6, 2003

+More Info:
This is their 17th single, which also has multiple versions/CD covers. (^^) The DVD has only one track: the PV/music video for "Hiiragi".

This single is a bit...odd. And as a result, I think it was the first sign that Do As Infinity was about to break up. For one thing, it came out nearly one year after their last single, "Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari". They usually release singles every 2-4 months, so that was very strange.

I mentioned a few more theories in the next single, "Rakuen", so head there if you want to hear more.

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(CD Single #18)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-30646 [CD + DVD], AVCD-30647 [CD Only]
+Release Date: December 15, 2004

+More Info:
This is their 18th single, which also has multiple versions/CD covers. (^^) The DVD has only one track: the PV/music video for "Rakuen".

In retrospect, I think this single (along with "Hiiragi" and "Rakuen") were signs that Do As Infinity was breaking up. As stated earlier, "Hiiragi" was released almost one year after "Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari", and they usually released singles every 2-4 months.

So what's weird about this single, "Rakuen"? Well, this single only has ONE SONG on it. And their next single, "For the future", also has one song...and it came out one month later. That makes me think that they were going to put both songs together...but something might've gone wrong when they were working on the second song, "For the future". Maybe they didn't finish editing it, or they were disagreeing over the song, or they were too busy with other projects. Either way, there was probably a disturbance.

Speaking of "separate projects", that brings me to my third and final point. During that one-year break (between their previous single and this single), everyone was busy and away from each other. Ryo and Dai had formed their own groups (Missile Innovation and Amasia Landscape, respectively), and Van went on a long, world-wide vacation.

So...their long 1-year hiatus, the fact that this single (and the next one) seemed "incomplete", plus Ryo and Dai's solo projects (both of which, ironically, released CDs the same day as "TAO", Do As Infinity's last single)...well, all of it just seemed to predict their breakup. =(

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For the future
(CD Single #19)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-30674 [CD + DVD], AVCD-30675 [CD Only]
+Release Date: January 19, 2005

+More Info:
This is their 19th single, which also has multiple versions/CD covers. (^^) The DVD has only one track: the PV/music video for "For the future".

This single only has ONE SONG, which is very unusual for a Do As Infinity single. Their previous single, "Rakuen", also has one it would've made more sense if they were combined into one CD. But I digress. (^^;) I already made some assumptions in this section of their "Rakuen" single, so feel free to head there and read more.

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(CD Single #20)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-30766 [CD + DVD], AVCD-30767 [CD Only]
+Release Date: July 27, 2005

+More Info:
This is their 20th single, and the last one released before their 2005 breakup. Like the previous 5 singles, "TAO" also has multiple versions/CD covers. (^^) The DVD has only one track: the PV/music video for "TAO".

"TAO" was used as the ending theme to a news show called "Super TV: Jouhou Saizensen". It was also used as the theme song in a video game called "Tales of Legendia". That game also used a special instrumental version of the song, which you can sample in the "Albums vs. Singles" section. =)

It is also worth noting that Do As Infinity, and all of their solo projects (Van's solo career, Missile Innovation and Amasia Landscape, respectively) each released a CD the same day this single was released:

  1. TAO (Do As Infinity's last CD single, before their 2005 breakup)
  2. Missile Innovation (self-titled CD; mini-album)
  3. Goldenvine (Amasia Landscape mini-album)
  4. "Slow Dance" OST (features Van's solo song, "Hold me...". Also has a song by Akico, the lead vocalist for Amasia Landscape: "Don't You Wanna")
The last 3 CDs didn't sell very well, probably because "TAO" overshadowed them.

The fact that Ryo and Dai even had their own groups might've been a sign that they were breaking up. But, since I've already explained my theories in this section of their "Rakuen" single, I won't go over it again. ^^;

Instead I'll mention something else I discovered: their last single, "TAO", has a connection to their first album, "Break of Dawn". The second track, "aurora", has similar music and lyrics to "Break of Dawn". Both songs have a simplistic melody; they mention a fire on a beach, and alcohol; and they both talk about "finding your way" through some sort of "fog".

Another connection can be found in the song titles. An "aurora" can be "a faint light in the sky", and "[the] break of dawn" is definitely "a faint light in the sky". And of course, one song title starts with an "A", and the other one starts with a "B". (^^) They're connected through alphabetical order, which is the simplest game of Shiritori you can play. So maybe they intended for these CDs to link together?

Either way, it was a clever end for that chapter of Do As Infinity. =)

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