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  1. Tangerine Dream
  2. Heart
  3. Oasis
  4. Yesterday & Today
  5. rumble fish
  6. We are.
  7. Desire
  8. Tooku Made
  9. Week!
  10. Fukai Mori
  11. Boukensha-tachi
  12. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
  13. under the sun / under the moon
  14. Shinjitsu no Uta
  15. Mahou no Kotoba ~Would you marry me?~
  16. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
  17. Hiiragi
  18. Rakuen
  19. For the future
  20. TAO
  1. ∞1 (Infinity Ichi)
  2. Kimi ga Inai Mirai
  3. ∞2 (Infinity Ni)
  5. Chikai
  6. ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito
  7. Tasogare
  8. Do As Infinity X ("EKKUSU") [iTunes Japan Exclusive]

1 (Infinity Ichi)
(CD Single #21)

CD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-31667 [CD Only]
+Release Date: June 17, 2009

+More Info:
This is Do As Infinity's 21st single, and their first single since their reunion! (^O^) A lot of people had high hopes for this single...and I am happy to say this single does not disappoint.

Although I was disappointed a little: Why aren't there karaoke tracks on this single? WHY? (;__;) I didn't believe it at first, so I asked CDJapan to confirm if there were karaoke tracks. And there aren't any. (I also asked CDJapan to start buying/selling used CDs. But that's another issue.)

I hope this "no karaoke" trend doesn't continue...but anyway, time for my review of the CD!!

The lead track, "Umareyuku Mono-tachi e", is absolutely gorgeous. It's a slow, power ballad with a lot of piano and guitar. The melody is extremely memorable, and Van's singing is at its best.

The second track is "MERAMERA". This song is much faster, and it's equally as catchy. (^^) I also think it sounds really good (and a bit different) when it's performed live. (NOTE: the live version also has slightly different lyrics. Oh, and jk is the password.)

The third track ("Timeless") is also a bit fast-paced. But, like Track 1, this song has more of a complex melody, which somehow makes it a bit easier to remember.

The last track is "Let's get together at a-nation". This is perhaps one of the weirdest most unique songs they've ever performed; it has a VERY poppy beat, and its sung/rapped very fast (just like "MERAMERA". But what's really odd about is that Van's singing is done completely in auto-tune, to the point where it's hard to clearly understand what she's saying. You're almost required to read the lyrics for this song.

This song is also unique in another way: prior to "Infinity Ichi"s release, Do As Infinity only did this song live, at a-nation '08. So maybe the song was meant to sound "different from their usual style", so it'd better accommodate a-nation '08? (That said, I really wonder what the original, live version sounds like...)

Overall, "Infinity Ichi" is a wonderful single (even "Let's get together at a-nation" has its charms, and it slowly grows on you overtime). I love the music, the singing, and the lyrics for all 4 tracks.

I'm eagerly awaiting their next single. Especially since, according to Ryo, SEVERAL of their new singles might be called "Infinity #" (2, 3, etc). This means their singles will "link" together, just like their albums.

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Kimi ga Inai Mirai
(CD Single #22)

CD cover
+Produced by:   avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVCD-31807 [CD+DVD, Sticker A (Kagome)],
AVCD-31808 [CD Only, Sticker B (InuYasha)],
AVCD-31809 [CD+DVD, Sticker C (Sesshomaru)],
AVCD-31807 [CD Only, Sticker D (Kikyo)]

+Release Date: January 27, 2010

+More Info:
This is Do As Infinity's 22nd single. The title track is the opening song for "InuYasha: The Final Act", the newest (and last) part of the InuYasha anime. In honor of the show, this single is primarly for InuYasha fans:

  1. There were FOUR releases of this single: 2 CD+DVD versions, and 2 CD Only versions. Each version came with a special bonus sticker, featuring one of four InuYasha characters.

    (Click on each character's name if you want to learn more about them.)
    Stickers: A (Kagome), B (InuYasha), C (Sesshomaru), D (Kikyo)
  2. The DVD contains videos for all 4 tracks. Each song has TWO videos on here: the official music video/PV, and the "anime theme" version (ie: this is the video you'd see when you watch the actual InuYasha anime, without the credits written on it). So basically, there are EIGHT (8) videos on the DVD.
As for the title's a pretty catchy song. (^^) It's a simple rock song; totally appropriate for an anime show. The lyrics also cleverly mention a "deep forest" ("fukai mori"), a "true song" ("shinjitsu no uta"), and "paradise" ("rakuen"). All three of those songs are also included in this single, and I was curious to hear them.

Why was I curious to hear the rest of the tracks? It's because I wondered: would the last three tracks be remixes, or the same, old, original songs? So I listened to "Fukai Mori". It was the same song as before. Then I listened to "Shinjitsu no Uta", hoping that they might surprise me...I just KNEW they'd surprise me at some point with a remix, or a brand new verse. (^^) I just KNEW they would. But by the time "Rakuen" started playing, I'd given up hope.

The last three tracks are the same, old songs as before. (T_T) No remix. No new verse. No new NOTHING. They didn't even include karaoke tracks (not even for the new song!), for goodness sake!!

And since the old, original singles (1) are still in print, (2) have karaoke tracks, and (3) are dirt cheap because of their age...this "new" single seems even more pointless. T___T

What they should have done was make "Kimi ga Inai Mirai" a double single, like "under the sun / under the moon". The second track could've been their upcoming song, "Everything will be all right". That would have made their true fans happy (and saved the fans' money), AND the InuYasha fans could hear a different side of their music.

I'm very disappointed in this release. Do As Infinity -- and avex -- could have done better. I really hope the next single is better.

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2 (Infinity Ni)
(CD Single #23)

CD cover
+Produced by:   avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-31843
+Release Date: June 16, 2010

+More Info:
"Infinity Ni" is their 23rd single, and the second in the "Infinity" series. (^^) It was released EXACTLY one year after "Infinity Ichi". There are no instrumental/karaoke tracks, and there is no DVD (just like "Infinity Ichi"). However, if you order the CD from mu-mo (a Japanese store), you'll also receive a bonus DVD featuring an alternate PV of "1/100". (The original PV hasn't been released to DVD yet, but you can watch it here, on YouTube.)

I'm happy to say that this single is fantastic. (It even debuted at #7 on the Oricon Charts!) The best tracks, in my opinion, are the last two...but I do like all 4 songs. I didn't like "1/100" at first (I thought the samples were kind of boring), but it's starting to grow on me. It sounds too similar to some of their older stuff (around the Deep Forest/True Song era), but it's short and sweet. Plus I love the PV. It's funny. xD

The next track is "Everything will be all right". It's not that spectacular of a song, but it's been kinda stuck in my head because I kept hearing samples from it for the past few months (thanks a lot, Boat Race. >.>) I also noticed something weird about the music: part of the song sounds like there are dogs barking in the background. (o_O) There's a VERY WEIRD sound effect being used. xD

The last two tracks are what I REALLY wanted to hear: I loved these samples when I first heard them, and I was dying to hear the full songs. "HARUKA" has a beautiful chorus, and the rest of the song is good too, but kind of unexpected. It starts off with a rock vibe (the intro kinda reminds me of "Saigo no Game"), and *then* it shifts to a power ballad during the chorus. What really surprised me (in a good way) is that Ryo sang part of the song too.

"Piledriver" was a surprise as well. (It's such a strange song title. I just can't imagine Van giving someone a piledriver, can you? xD) Thankfully the song is catchy (although the intro reminds me of "Perfect Lady" for some reason), and sounds like something that could used in an anime. In fact, the song is being used to promote something...but believe it or not, it's not an anime. It's promoting a university. o_O

Despite some weird moments, this CD was very good and I think everyone should own it. It shows 4 different sides of Do As Infinity, which makes sense because each song had a different lyricist AND composer. (^^) You won't be disappointed.

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(CD Single #24)

CD cover
+Produced by: avex trax

+Catalogue #:
ANDI-0071 [11th Anniversary Box] - mu-mo EXCLUSIVE,
ANDI-0072 [Special Box] - mu-mo EXCLUSIVE
Also on iTunes Japan

+Release Date: September 29, 2010

+More Info:
This is Do As Infinity's 24th single, which was released on their 11th anniversary. (^^) That same day, Do As Infinity held a special FREE concert...and anyone with a Nico Nico Douga account could watch! A few fans managed to record the concert...and if you visit this special page, you can watch the concert too! :D

The single was ONLY available on mu-mo (which is a Japanese store), and it came in two boxsets. The first boxset had a CD, a face towel, and a bath towel...and it cost about $60. (x___x) The second boxset had a CD and a face towel, and it was much cheaper: it cost about $20. You can see all of the towels below:

Box sets (when closed)

Box sets (when opened)
*Save the above images for a larger view*

11th Anniversary Box
(face towel + body towel)

Special Box
(face towel only)

This was a rather strange boxset, isn't it? (xD) That's a lot of money for two towels. AND, the song is VERY repetitive too...but I think the song is "repetitive" because it was made especially for a live concert. It includes phrases like "twirl around! twirl around!"...which means you should probably "twirl around" your towels at the concert. :D

The song made its live debut at a-nation (you can watch that performance here, or you download it here. [Thanks to Queen Akasha for providing the download!]). It was also performed at the 11th anniversary, too (which you can watch/hear, if you visit this special page).

A day later, on September 30, the CD single (without the towels, of course) was released on iTunes Japan. They were smart to release this on iTunes Japan, because both boxsets are now sold out.

Unfortunately, they also made a very dumb decision: you can ONLY get the official lyrics if you bought the CD. Major lyric sites (like Goo Ongaku, UtaMap, and Uta-Net) don't even have the lyrics posted. I managed to finally find the lyrics, after WEEKS of searching, but there's no guarantee they're 100% accurate.

This isn't one of their best songs (and they made some weird marketing choices), but the song is somewhat catchy. Listen to it and see what you think.

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