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  1. Tangerine Dream
  2. Heart
  3. Oasis
  4. Yesterday & Today
  5. rumble fish
  6. We are.
  7. Desire
  8. Tooku Made
  9. Week!
  10. Fukai Mori
  11. Boukensha-tachi
  12. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
  13. under the sun / under the moon
  14. Shinjitsu no Uta
  15. Mahou no Kotoba ~Would you marry me?~
  16. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
  17. Hiiragi
  18. Rakuen
  19. For the future
  20. TAO
  1. ∞1 (Infinity Ichi)
  2. Kimi ga Inai Mirai
  3. ∞2 (Infinity Ni)
  5. Chikai
  6. ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito
  7. Tasogare
  8. Do As Infinity X ("EKKUSU") [iTunes Japan Exclusive]

(CD Single #25)

+Produced by: avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVC1-31922 [CD + DVD] - has instrumental/karaoke,
AVCD-31923 [CD Only] - has 4 live songs

+Release Date: July 27, 2011

+More Info:
This is Do As Infinity's 25th single. It was used in "Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes", which is a strategy/fighting game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). You might remember that Van's solo song, "Brave", was also used in this game series. (^^) "Chikai"s CD+DVD version is called the "Basara version", and the CD Only version is called the "Do As Infinity version".

The "Basara CD version" has a DVD with two music videos/PVs: one PV features the video game characters, and the other PV is Do As Infinity's official music video. Do As Infinity's PV was also a "mash-up". It too, had a lot of "different characters" in it...because part of the video was filmed LIVE, IN CONCERT. The other half was from their studio recording of the song. It's kinda weird, to be honest: for a few seconds. the song sounds "live", and then suddenly it sounds like an "official/CD" track. And it keeps switching back and forth. >_<;

The "Do As Infinity CD version" doesn't come with a DVD but it does have 4 bonus songs, which were recorded live from their "Eight" tour. They're actually very well done...but I won't post samples from the live songs.

As for the actual song "Chikai"'s an okay song. It's kinda repetitive and not that unique, but it's nice. It kinda feels like "TAO ~part 2~", to be honest. The song grows on you, and it sounds like something from one of their older albums, but it's definitely not their best song. It IS enjoyable though.

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ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito
(CD Single #26)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-48158 [CD + DVD], AVCD-48159 [CD Only]
+Release Date: September 7, 2011

+More Info:
This is their 26th single. (^^) The DVD isn't unique, it just has one video: the PV/music video for "ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito".

The CD itself, on the other hand, is VERY unique. Both CD covers have some minor differences in their artwork. In fact, there are 12 differences between both covers...all in honor of their 12th anniversary this year. (^^) Click below for larger versions of the covers, and see how many differences you can spot!

Spot the Differences!!
"CD+DVD" cover |vs| "CD Only" cover

The songs on this single are also very unique. "Chikai" (and the single before it, "JIDAISHIN") was very nice, if not somewhat dull, CD singles. But THIS single. THIS SINGLE gave me CHILLS when I first heard it.

It's got a nice, hard-rock edge, like someone you'd find on their "True Song" album. The chords are aggressive, and that agresssion plays out nicely in =the music video/PV= as well. The song (and video) are both energetic and fun. And the title of the song is pretty cool too; it means "Ariadne's Thread". What's the significance of the title? Well, as I stated in the lyrics:

Ariadne's thread is actually an expression, similar to "trial and error". It's based on the Greek princess Ariadne, a character from Greek mythology. As explained by EienDAIfan5d9 (a member of DAIForum): "Ariadne is the name of the daughter of the Greek Minos and Pasiphae. She fell in love with Theseus and gave him the thread with which he found his way out of the Minotaur's labyrinth."

So the song's about fighting your way out of a tough situation. Hence the aggression and energy of the music. (^^) Unfortunately, its "zz8 remix" is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL (the music isn't too different from the original song, and it just sounds weird)...but the original song is great.

The B-side of the single, "Boku-tachi no Ketsudan" is kind of a strange song. Don't get me wrong; it's a beautiful and sweet song. But it's much, much slower than the original song (so it's somewhat of a buzzkill). And I SWEAR I've heard the vocal's melody used in another song (and it WASN'T by Do As Infinity). It just felt...really familiar.

Turns out, the song doesn't just have a familiar rhythm. It also has familiar lyrics. As Kiwi Musume pointed out, this song talks about a band breaking up, and we're wondering if the lyrics (or at least part of them) is an allusion to their 2005 breakup. The lyrics even mention being together for "12 years", and Do As Infinity just had their 12th anniversary...

Theories and oddities aside, "Boku-tachi no Ketsudan" is a really nice song. The entire CD single (CDS) is pretty much awesome...aside from that "ZZ8 remix". (T_T) If I were to rate this CDS, I'd give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. :D

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(CD Single #27)

CD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-48250 [CD + DVD] - there is no "CD Only" version!
+Release Date: November 16, 2011

+More Info:
This is Do As Infinity's 27th single, and -- like "Chikai" -- it was also used in the "Sengoku Basara" video game series. This time it was used in a game called "Sengoku Basara 3: Utage", which was released on the Wii and Playstation 3 (PS3).

The "Tasogare" DVD contains two music videos/PVs: one PV features the video game characters, and the other PV is Do As Infinity's official music video. Unfortunately, there IS NOT a "CD only" version of this release...which means you MUST get the CD+DVD together. Thankfully the price isn't too high, but it does cost more than the usual "CD Only" release.

"Tasogare" is a nice, slow song with a style like "TAO" and a pace that's similar to "Buranko", "under the moon", and their usual ballads. It's got an old, lullaby-like quality to it that makes it very relaxing. The second track, "Tightrope Dancer" is the complete opposite of this song: it's got a faster pace (and a sound similar to "Kouzou Kaikaku"), and the music (as well as the lyrics) sound a bit more aggressive. This is a very nice CD single that I definitely enjoyed. Hopefully you'll enjoy it too. ^^

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