Song Meanings

You've probably noticed that some Do As Infinity songs have very weird names. Some of the weirdest names usually involve numbers ("One or Eight", "Wings510"...), and abbreviations ("D/N/A", "Ultimate G.V"..).

The good news is, these song titles actually DO have meanings. (^^) So keep reading this page if you want to learn more.

The "3SV" remixes ("Heart" and "Faces")
"3SV" is the name of the person who remixed the songs. (^^) Unfortunately, I'm not sure what his name stands for, but I know "3SV" doesn't reference the actual songs. (i.e., "Heart [3SV Remix]" doesn't mean "Heart [3rd Single Version]", or anything like that.)

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This is actually a type of engine oil. In short, 10W40 is a mixture of TWO oils: "10" (which works in lower temperatures), and "40" (which works in higher temperatures).

So what does this have to do with the song? As Maiku from explains, 10W40 "is a song about a relationship that hasn't been working, thus needing to be 'greased with oil' "...which is why you'll also see the word "OIL" in the lyrics. (^^) Also, since each oil in 10W40 works best in different (but equally extreme) temperatures, this could reference the different problems (and related stress) that are mentioned in the song.

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This is the longitudinal direction/code for "Japan". (^^) That's why, when the original kanji lyrics say "135", Van sings it as "Nihon (Japan)". Also, as fate would have it, the demo music for this song was called M-135. You can learn about more demo songs in the Demo Songs section of Dai Nagao's site.

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One or Eight
This song was also explained by Maiku: " 'One or Eight' comes from the Japanese saying ,'Ichi ka bachi ka', which means 'Sink or Swim'. 'Ichi' can also mean 'one' in Japanese, and 'hachi/bachi' can also mean 'eight'.

This was a sports cover song, so you can see why it's named that. It's an expression similar to 'do or die'."

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On September 29, 1999, Do As Infinity's first single ("Tangerine Dream") was released. Included on that single was a song called "Wings".

Then, on February 21, 2001...510 days after that single was released, Do As Infinity's second album ("New World") was released. In honor of this joyous occasion, they remixed "Wings", and called it "Wings510". ^_^

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Desire, CARNAVAL...and M-42?
"Desire" and "CARNAVAL" have the exact same melody, but a different arrangement and tempo. Ogawa, another member of DAIForum, explains more:

"During street live performances back in 1999, 'M-42' [the demo name for 'Desire/CARNAVAL'] was often played by acoustic style although it did not have a title yet.

On November 22, 1999, 'M-42' was played by band-style with different lyrics. While Team Do As was waiting for the timing of the release of the song, they came up with another version of 'M-42' which was 'CARNAVAL' with some Latin/Spanish spices. Finally, they made up the final version of 'M-42' and released it as 'Desire' in January 2001 together with 'CARNAVAL' as the coupling song."

Why "CARNAVAL" isn't spelled "CARNIVAL" - Since "CARNAVAL" has "Latin/Spanish spices", they decided to use the Spanish spelling of the word. ("Carnival" is the English way to spell the word.)

"Kouzou Kaikaku" and "CARNAVAL" - At the beginning of "Kouzou Kaikaku", Van sings this backwards:

Suna no jikan...
I'm Still Waiting For You...
Sands of time...
I'm still waiting for you...

...These are the last two lines in "CARNAVAL". =)

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This song has nothing to do with scientific "DNA" (i.e. - deoxyribonucleic acid, which stores hereditary information like hair color, disease, etc).

Instead, it stands for a phrase in a song: "Dokomade/Nagasare/Anata wa yuku no"...which translates to "How far/are you going to be pulled along/by the current?"

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Ultimate G.V
"G.V" (which, for some odd reason, only has ONE period) stands for "Girl's Voice".

However, it can also stand for "Gambatte, Van". (^^) "Gambatte" is a Japanese expression similar to "Stay positive; you can do it!". The entire song is about Van encouraging herself to try harder, so it makes sense. =)

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We are.
I believe the song title was written this way to emphasis the main points of the song:

  • We are blessed to have known each other.
  • We are not together right now.
  • We are in search of happiness.
  • We are in search of "holy light", and "silent nights".
Another thing worth noting is that the song was written at Christmas time. That is why it has several Christmas references ("holy light", "silent nights"), and it also alludes to the song, "Silent Night".

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Special, Live "Bonus Tracks"
Several Do As Infinity albums have bonus tracks, which were recorded from live concerts:
  • Wings [Free Live 100]: In order to commemorate their 100th live performance, they let the audience attend for free. This song was recorded from that FREE, live, 100th concert.
  • SUMMER DAYS [8.27 Live]: This was recorded on August 27, 2000 (8.27.2000), at their "Summer Event Live 2000" concert series. Do As Infinity performed 7 songs at each concert.
  • Tooku Made [Live]: This was recorded from their 3rd Anniversary Live (held in 2002), which was performed in Shibuya Public Hall.
  • Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari [a-nation '03 Live Ver.]: This was recorded from a-nation '03, which is the first place this song debuted at.
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