My Theories on the "TIME MACHINE" Album
Song Title Could also be
on the album(s):
01. TIME MACHINE True Song; Gates of Heaven True Song was more of an uptempo rock album, so "TIME MACHINE" would go well on that album. of this song also remind me of the songs "Gates of Heaven" (i.e., the bridge before the chorus; how the instruments just get higher and higher in pitch) AND "Honjitsu..." (the aggressiveness of the guitar in certain parts).

And let's be honest: Gates of Heaven was more of a mellow rock album, but those first 2 tracks really felt out of place. "TIME MACHINE" could have been the segue between those 2 hard rock tracks, and the rest of the album.
02. ARIADONE (Ariadne) no Ito Deep Forest "Ariadne no Ito" sounds very similar to the music on the Deep Forest album.
03. Why? Need Your Love This song has a very similar sound to "Ultimate G.V.", and it just feels...experimental, like the entire Need Your Love album.
04. PRIDE New World; Break of Dawn Something about "PRIDE" just sounds similar to (or would be a good song to play after) "rumble fish", which is on their New World album. But it also sounds similar to the songs on the Break of Dawn album.
05. Tasogare Deep Forest This is a very mellow song, and it kinda reminds me of "Fukai Mori". I think it'd fit nicely with the rest of the songs on Deep Forest.
06. Chikai Van. "Chikai" (especially if the pitch is dropped by 5%) sounds really similar to "Brave"; "Brave" is one of Van's solo songs. ("Brave" was ALSO used in the "Basara" video game series too!)

I mixed a verse from "Brave" with the chorus from "Chikai"; notice how similar they sound. It would sound just as good if I reversed it, too (i.e., if I took a verse from "Chikai" and mixed the chorus from "Brave").
07. Otogi-banashi Eight This sounds like "Baby! Baby! Baby!" (in this sample, I took a verse from "Otogi-banshi" and mixed it with the chorus from "Baby! Baby! Baby!"). That said, "Otogi-banashi" would go nicely on the Eight album.
08. Koiuta Eternal Flame; True Song Both of these albums are pretty mellow, so "Koiuta" would sound nice on either album. But to be of "Koiuta" (which means "love song") is similar to "ai no uta" (which also means "love song").

In fact, I think "Koiuta"s entire melody is based on part of "ai no uta" (specifically the instrumental break at 2:19). Check out this comparison file I made and see for yourself!!
09. Sun Shower Deep Forest The intro sounds very similar to "Week!" (you can compare both songs here). In fact, the entire song sounds like a mellow version of "Week!".
10. Mou Hitori no Boku e Van. This song also reminds me of "Brave", which is from Van's solo album.
11. Kimi no Tame ni Ima Dekiru Koto Eternal Flame; Gates of Heaven The intro reminds me of "Tasogare"...and the chorus is similar to Van's version of "Yoru no Kizutsuite" [with a 10% drop in pitch] (from her VOICE 1 album).

The entire song is a power ballad, so it could fit on the Eternal Flame album (where "Umareyuku..." and "Namonaki..." are), OR the Gates of Heaven album (where "Buranko" and "Field of dreams" are).
12. Go Ahead! Eight; True Song This song has a "happy, uptempo" sound to it could go on the Eight album (where "Special" is), or the True Song album (where "Grateful Journey" is).