Sometimes Do As Infinity will do tribute (or "cover") songs in honor of another artist. This page will let you know about all those tribute/cover songs. (^^) It will also include tributes that other artists did in honor of Do As Infinity.

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Tributes/Covers by Do As Infinity (6)
01. Susume Namake-mono
02. Rock and Roll All Nite
03. I miss you?
04. Highway Star
05. Boku-tachi no 10th Anniversary 05. Arashi o Yobu Otoko

Tributes/Covers for Do As Infinity
»Official Releases (6):
01. Trust
02. Oasis [English Version]
03. Oasis (by dream)
04. "'NEUTRAL' Type" Album
05. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi [Korean Version]
06. Mahou no Kotoba... [Cantonese Version]
»Celebrity Tributes/Covers:
  • Week! (by Hitomi Shimatani)
  • Boukensha-tachi (by Folder 5)

  • »Fanmade Tributes/Covers:
  • All The Things She Said under the moon
  • BokuMyStar (musician)

  • 1) Susume Namake-mono (Kazuyoshi Saito tribute)
    Only performed at a TV show

    Picture (from SSTV) Kazuyoshi Saito

    »LEFT:  Performance at SSTV
    »RIGHT:  Kazuyoshi Saito
    ●More Information: His Official Site

    +More Info:
    This special performance was on a TV show called "Space Shower TV" (SSTV). The original artist, Kazuyoshi Saito, was also on the show...and he and Do As Infinity performed it together. (^^) In the original song, Kazuyoshi plays the guitar and sings. In this version, Van is the only person singing.

    You can download this clip here. You can also watch a special version on YouTube, which includes them rehearsing the song. It includes a really cool jam session between Ryo and Kazuyoshi...and it also shows Van forgetting the lyrics (twice!) and laughing. xD

    I've also made an MP3 rip of the performance, which you can get on the Downloads page (along with the original song. =)

    Speaking of the original song, here's some information on the album it came from:

    Dilemma (CD Cover)

    (Album - track 8 [of 10])

    +Produced by: Funhouse (part of BMG Music)
    +Catalogue #: FHCF-2359
    +Release Date: February 26, 1997

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    2) Rock and Roll All Nite (KISS tribute)
    Performed at a concert; available on "Live in Japan" album

    Live in Japan (album cover) KISS

    »LEFT:  "Live in Japan" album cover (2-disc album)
    »RIGHT:  KISS (clockwise from bottom: Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley, and Ace Frehley)
    ●More Information: Their Official Site

    +More Info:
    Do As Infinity (or more specifically, Ryo Owatari) sang this song live (at Zepp Tokyo) in 2002. A year later, the performance was put on an album called "Do The Live".

    As for the original was created by KISS. (^^) From what I've heard, they first debuted the song at Cobo Hall (which is located in Detroit, Michigan. Apparently they love Detroit, because they also wrote a song called "Detroit Rock City"). Anyway..."Rock and Roll All Nite" became an instant hit, and now it's one of KISS's most famous songs.

    The song has been recorded, re-recorded, and performed live dozens of times...but I only posted two versions of the song (which you can get in the Downloads section).

    The song was released on at least 11 of KISS's albums, but here's the first album it appeared on:

    Dressed to Kill (CD Cover)

    Dressed to Kill
    (Album - track 10 [of 10])

    +Produced by: Casablanca
    +Catalogue #: R-11054
    +Release Date: April 1975

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    3) I miss you? (NANA tribute)
    Performed as honorary members of "BLACK STONES" (BLAST)

    Limited Edition (BLACK STONES) Limited Edition (TRAPNEST)
    Regular Edition (BLACK STONES) Regular Edition (TRAPNEST)

    LOVE for NANA~only 1 Tribute
    (Tribute Album - 13 tracks)

    +Produced by:   Toshiba-EMI

    +Catalogue #:
    TOCT-25771 [Limited Edition - BLACK STONES],
    TOCT-25772 [Limited Edition - TRAPNEST],
    TOCT-25773 [Regular Edition - BLACK STONES],
    TOCT-25774 [Regular Edition - TRAPNEST]

    +Release Date: March 16, 2005

    +More Info:
    This tribute is very special because "I miss you?" was actually created BY Do As Infinity. (^^) Therefore, this is also a Do As Infinity song -- and it was later released on their "Great Supporters Selection" album.

    The entire "LOVE FOR NANA" album is dedicated to "NANA", a fashion-heavy, realistic, edgy and fun manga series made by Ai Yazawa. (^^) She's a famous mangaka who's made several series, including "Paradise Kiss" and "Kagen no Tsuki".

    In the "NANA" series, there are two bands: TRAPNEST, and BLACK STONES (a.k.a. "Blast" for short). Every musician on the "LOVE for NANA" CD are "members" of one of these bands. (^^) Do As Infinity are performing as "members" of "BLACK STONES". Other artists on the CD include Tommy Heavenly6, Skye Sweetnum, and Ai Otsuka. More information on the album can be found on this fan site, and on this Yahoo! Japan page (which also has a picture of Van on it!).

    As you can see, there are four versions of the album. The first two are Limited Editions, and the last two are Regular Editions. Each album is the same price, but (according to CDJapan) the Limited Edition "comes housed in a special Amaray keepcase".

    I will now leave you with some fun and helpful NANA-related links. (:

    Official English Website | General Info (Anime News Network) | Seven (fan site) | (fan site)

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    4) Highway Star (Deep Purple tribute)
    Performed at a concert; available on "Live in Japan II" DVD

    Live in Japan II (DVD cover) Deep Purple

    »LEFT:  "Live in Japan" DVD cover
    »RIGHT:  Deep Purple
    ●More Information: Their Official Site

    +More Info:
    This is yet another rock cover done by Ryo Owatari. ^^

    This one was performed during their "Live Tour 2005 ~NEED YOUR LOVE~" tour. More specifically, it was performed at the tour's final concert (which was at Budokan on May 31, 2005). About 4 months later, it was released on a DVD called "Live in Japan II".

    The original song was by Deep Purple, a British rock band. The song was placed on several of their albums, but I listed its first album below.

    Lastly: if you like this song, you can get both versions in the Downloads section. =)

    Machine Head (CD Cover)

    Machine Head
    (Album - track 1 [of 7])

    +Produced by: Warner Bros.
    +Catalogue #: R-5332
    +Release Date: March, 1972

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    5) Boku-tachi no 10th Anniversary (Official tribute to fans)
    Bonus CD, bundled with "Do The Museum" book

    Book Bonus CD
    Do The Museum
    (Book + Bonus CD - 1 track)

    +Produced by: avex trax
    +ISBN/Catalogue #: 978-4-06-215730-8 [book], YYYY-00078 [CD]
    +Release Date: September 29, 2009

    +More Info:
    "Do The Musuem" is a book that talks about all 86 Do As Infinity songs (which were made before their 2005 disbandment). The book supposedly talks about how each song was made, and gives a little insight into the creative process behind each song. (^^) A little more information -- and more pictures! -- can be found in the "Do The Comments" section. Eventually, the entire book's translation will be posted there as well.

    The book also included a bonus CD (and lyrics) for a new song called "Boku-tachi no 10th Anniversary". (^^) This song is dedicated to all members of Do As Infinity -- including their fans. It pretty much pledges that they will never break up again, and that they'll continue to support each other no matter what. It's a really nice song...which you can get in the "Downloads" section!

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    6) Arashi o Yobu Otoko (Yujiro Ishihara tribute/parody)
    Only featured in a commercial

    (click each image for a larger view)

    +More Info:
    Since this isn't the usual tribute type, I won't use the usual format. ^^;

    Early in March 2011, Van filmed a commercial for Kirin Beer. In the commercial, she sang a duet with Hiroshi Tachi (a Japanese actor/singer) and the Honkaku Band. The song is called "Arashi o Yobu Otoko" (trans: "The Man Who Causes a Storm"). The original song came out in 1958. It was performed by Yujiro Ishihara, a famous singer/actor who was as popular as Elvis (in Japan, anyway).

    The song is very popular, and has been covered by various artists including Yosui Inoue.

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