Tributes/Covers (by Celebrities)

These tributes/covers were NOT done by Do As Infinity, OR sold on CD. Instead, they were done by celebrities -- often on TV shows or in concerts -- just "for fun".

Since these performances are video clips, I will only link to the videos (and translated lyrics).

Lastly, to make the pages load faster, the tributes have been split into several pages (hence why I alternated/color-coded the links).

Tributes/Covers by Do As Infinity (6)
01. Susume Namake-mono
02. Rock and Roll All Nite
03. I miss you?
04. Highway Star
05. Boku-tachi no 10th Anniversary 05. Arashi o Yobu Otoko

Tributes/Covers for Do As Infinity
»Official Releases (6):
01. Trust
02. Oasis [English Version]
03. Oasis (by dream)
04. "'NEUTRAL' Type" Album
05. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi [Korean Version]
06. Mahou no Kotoba... [Cantonese Version]
»Celebrity Tributes/Covers:
  • Week! (by Hitomi Shimatani)
  • Boukensha-tachi (by Folder 5)

  • »Fanmade Tributes/Covers:
  • All The Things She Said under the moon
  • BokuMyStar (musician)

  • 1) Week! (by Hitomi Shimatani, a JPop singer)

    Week! (by Hitomi Shimatani)
    [ watch video | read lyrics ]

    I'm not sure when this was performed, but I believe it's from a show called "Hit Parade". Overall, she did a decent job (although she did hit a few bad notes. ^^;) There's also a small interview with her at the end, but unfortunately it's not translated.

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    2) Boukensha-tachi (by Folder 5, a JPop group)

    Boukensha-tachi (by Folder 5)
    [ download video | read lyrics ]

    I'm also not sure when this was performed, and I believe this is also from "Hit Parade". They did a wonderful job with this song; they even had synchronized dance moves (and confetti!). There's also a small interview with the group at the end, but it hasn't been translated to English.

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