Tributes/Covers (Official Releases)

These "official tributes/covers" were NOT done by Do As Infinity, but they were sold on CD.

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Tributes/Covers by Do As Infinity (6)
01. Susume Namake-mono
02. Rock and Roll All Nite
03. I miss you?
04. Highway Star
05. Boku-tachi no 10th Anniversary 05. Arashi o Yobu Otoko

Tributes/Covers for Do As Infinity
»Official Releases (6):
01. Trust
02. Oasis [English Version]
03. Oasis (by dream)
04. "'NEUTRAL' Type" Album
05. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi [Korean Version]
06. Mahou no Kotoba... [Cantonese Version]
»Celebrity Tributes/Covers:
  • Week! (by Hitomi Shimatani)
  • Boukensha-tachi (by Folder 5)

  • »Fanmade Tributes/Covers:
  • All The Things She Said under the moon
  • BokuMyStar (musician)

  • 1) Trust (by I-lulu)
    Only available on Do As Infinity's official website

    Not Available on CD

    +More Info:
    About two months after Do As Infinity broke up, Dai Nagao posted a special song on their official website. Unfortunately, that original page is now gone...but (thanks to the Internet Archive) you can still access it here.

    I'm pretty sure Van and Ryo did NOT work on this song at all, which probably means Dai created it after Do As Infinity broke up. It was probably made as a last-minute "farewell" present to all the fans.

    Since a singer (and other musicians) were needed, Dai decided to let someone else perform the song, "in honor" of Do As Infinity. He ended up choosing I-lulu, which is another group that he created; their lead vocalist is Kana Mizushima. ^^

    The song is supposedly just a demo (but a high-quality demo). But, since Do As Infinity is now back together, maybe an official version will be released someday? ^_^

    Along with the song, he also posted this special message, which has been translated by Kiwi Musume.

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    2) Oasis [English Version] (by Jay Graydon)

    CD cover
    United States of avex Artists
    (English Tribute Album - 11 tracks)

    +Produced by: avex trax
    +Catalogue #: AVCD-11907
    +Release Date: March 7, 2001

    +More Info:
    This is an English tribute album. It was produced by avex, and dedicated to several of their famous Japanese artists (such as Do As Infinity, globe, and Ayumi Hamasaki). If you listen to CDJapan's review, you might think this CD is fantastic:

    Here's a new project that might interest countless pop-music listeners! Following the tradition of 1999's cover album "ELT SONGS FROM L.A.", some of the well known stateside artists and musicians have covered recent J-pop hits for this compilation. The artists are from the West Coast and other parts of the country. Contains 11 songs, including "DEPARTURES/globe", "by myself/hitomi", "Give me a Shake/MAX", and more.

    True enough, there are some "well-known" artists on here. Some. (>.>) I've only heard of Nobody's Angel, and Frank Sinatra, Jr. The other artists are probably on Independent labels; either way, they're not super famous. Why avex didn't ask famous musicians like U2 or Beyonce to do this album, I don't know. It's not like they don't have American connections, and they can definitely afford it; how else could Kumi Koda and Fergie work together?

    I guess they figured since it's a tribute album, it probably won't make a lot of why bother getting big talent for the album? In theory, that makes sense. But it still makes me wonder:

    • Why, out of all the singers, did they let Jay Grayson cover Do As Infinity? He's not exactly the best singer -- and the lyrics are VERY different from the Japanese. They don't even deal with the same overall theme. (><;) Couldn't Frank Sinatra, Jr. do this song...or was he too "special" and "good" for Do As Infinity?
    • Since avex seems to think tribute albums aren't that special...I wonder if they intentionally let Van make two tribute albums? T__T
    Anyway, I know I'm going off topic (and that last bullet was just my conspiracy theory). Sorry! xD

    Bottom line is, Jay Graydon's cover isn't the greatest, but it is tolerable. I actually like the song (but that's probably because I had to force myself to hear it repeatedly. I had to type the lyrics, since I couldn't find any online). You may like it as at least sample the song, and come up with your own opinion. ^^;

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    3) Oasis (by dream)

    CD+DVD/CD cover
    dream meets Best Hit avex
    (Tribute Album - 10 tracks)

    +Produced by: avex trax
    +Catalogue #: AVCD-17577/-17578 [album + drama CD], AVCD-17579 [1 disc]
    +Release Date: December 8, 2004

    +More Info:
    This is a tribute CD released by dream, a J-Pop group on avex's label (by the way, you can learn a bit more about dream -- and one its members, Sayaka Yamamoto -- by visiting Dai Nagao's site).

    On the album, dream performs songs made famous by BoA, globe, Ayumi Hamasaki, and several other avex artists...including Do As Infinity. (^^) The Do As Infinity song they covered is "Oasis" -- and I'm happy to report that, unlike Jay Graydon, their version of "Oasis" uses the official lyrics, and dream's singing is really good.

    The drama CD (according to YesAsia) is done in radio-drama style. Supposedly, each track on the album was used as the motif for a story, and each member read part of the story.

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    4) "'NEUTRAL' Type" Album

    CD cover
    D.A.I Works - "NEUTRAL" Type (Akico from Amasia Landscape)
    (Dedication Mini-Album)

    +Produced by: avex trax
    +Catalogue #: AVCD-17624
    +Release Date: March 30, 2005

    +More Info:
    (copied shamelessly from Amasia Landscape's "Albums" page)

    (NOTE: If you open the lyrics and look at the bottom, you'll find a link to Do As Infinity's version of the song)

    This album is a "dedication" to Do As Infinity, featuring English "remakes" to classic Do As Infinity songs. I personally love two tracks on here: "Flyout" (which is done almost entirely in Japanese), and "Lame Game You Played" (mostly because I LOOOVE the original song, "Kouzou Kaikaku"). As for the rest of the tracks...well...

    The lyrics and music are pretty good...but the vocals are TERRIBLE. Akico mispronounced a LOT of words; you almost couldn't tell she was singing in English. x_x

    There were some production issues with this CD as well:

  • Track #1: On the CD, and their website, this track is called "Heads on High". BUT...the lyrics clearly say "Hands on High", and that actually makes more sense. So this was a MAJOR, and TOTALLY UNNECESSARY mistake. [ see the proof ]

  • Track #2: The CD, and their website, call this track "Just a Word". But the lyrics clearly say "Just a Word to Let Me Know". This isn't too major when you think about it, but considering they had plenty of space to write the full title, there's really no excuse. [ see the proof ]

  • Track #4: They put the end of the song at the beginning of the lyrics. o_O [ see the proof ]
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