"Trust", the last Do As Infinity Song (Special Message)

"Trust", the last Do As Infinity Song (Special Message)

In 2005, shortly after Do As Infinity broke up, Dai Nagao posted a special song (and a special message) on their official website. Unfortunately, that original page is now gone...but (thanks to the Internet Archive) you can still access it here.

There's a translation of this message at the bottom of the page. (^^) BIG thanks to Kiwi Musume for translating this!! =)

Do As Infinityサポーターの皆様
'Do As Infinity SAPOOTAA no Minna e'

Do As Infinity解散の際に告知致しました最後の楽曲について 沢山のお声を頂きました。心より嬉しく、また感謝しております。


関係者の方々にはご尽力頂きましたことを御礼申し上げると共に、 サポーターの皆様には力及ばず、申し訳なく思っております。

そこで、DEMO段階のものではあるのですが、 皆様に聴いてもらえるように視聴ページを設けました。 感謝の気持ちを込めた音が届けばいいな、と思います。

間もなくDo As Infinityのラストライブとなります。 改めて、この6年間、絶え間ない声援を送ってくれた皆に感謝!



To Everyone Who Supported Do As Infinity
-Translation by Kiwi Musume (WAFTF)

We have heard so many voices about our last song which we released right before we broke up [ie: "TAO"]. This has made us happy from the bottom of our hearts and we thank you again.

However, there are things we have been unable to say properly in a song, so we would like to say them here now.

While we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone involved with the band for your efforts, this cannot compare to the power of those who supported us, and we feel sorry about that.

On that note, we have some stuff for you in the Demo Staircase, and we have set up a page advertising this so people can go and listen to it. We hope this song of gratitude reaches your ears.

Soon it will be Do As Infinity's last live performance. Thank you once again to everyone for the constant voices of support you have given us this past 6 years!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!