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+More Info: The "Original/CD Single Version" is basically the same as the Album Version. The only difference is the Album Version has a shorter, more abrupt ending. Other than this, there is no difference between the "CD Single" and "Album" Version of the song (which is why both links share the same MP3 file).

Also, there's a special "live version" of the song on the "True Song" album. It was included as a bonus track. (^^) The song was recorded from their 3rd Anniversary Live (held in 2002), and was performed in Shibuya Public Hall.

» Original/CDS Ending vs. Album Version Ending - 0:52
(NOTE: The Original Version plays first!!!)

» Original (CD Single) Version - 4:16
» Album Version - 4:04
» Live Version ["True Song" Bonus Track] - 4:08
» HARMONY/Classical Version - 4:45
» Orgel Version - 4:11