"Wings" et al (Wings510, etc.)
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+More Info: There's a few quick notes you should know...

  • Free Live 100: from "Oasis" CD Single. Recorded at their 100th Live concert, which was free for fans to attend.
  • Wings510: has a slightly different arrangement. It was released 510 days after the original version.
  • Strong Mix: released on "Do The B-Side" --
    1. Van's voice has echoes.
    2. The intro has less instruments than the original version.
    3. Overall, the Strong Mix has a "lower volume" than the original version.
    4. During the bridge of the song (right before the chorus), the Strong Mix has a slightly different instrument arrangement.

» Original Version vs. Strong Mix - 0:59
(NOTE: The Original Version plays first!!!)

» Original (CD Single) Version - 3:59
» Free Live 100 - 4:08
» Wings510 - 4:43
» Strong Mix - 4:03