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Available Questions (Do As Infinity):
What is "Do Is Infinity"?
Why did they come up with that name?
Is there a nickname for "Do As Infinity"?
How many members are in Do As Infinity?
When did Do As Infinity form/disband/reband?
Why did Do As Infinity disband?
What happened to everyone when Do As Infinity disbanded?
How many albums have they released?
How many singles have they released?
What was their first single/album?
What was their last single/album?
How'd they create their song titles/lyrics?
Where can I buy Do As Infinity merchandise?
Where can I download [insert song here]?
Why don't you have a picture gallery here?
Why do you post WMAs on this site?
I think you spelled [insert song title] wrong.

  • What is "Do As Infinity"?
  • Do As Infinity is a Japanese music group with a very diverse sound. Their music (like a lot of Japanese artists) covers a wide range of genres (R&B, pop, hip-hop, jazz, etc.)..but each of Do As Infinity's songs somehow manages to incorporate rock music. For example, one of their songs (called "My Wish - My Life") has an R&B sound to it, but one of the main instruments in the song is an electric guitar (which is usually found in rock music, and rarely found in R&B music).

    Since each of their songs has a rock-and-roll edge to it, Do As Infinity is usually classified as a Japanese rock (or J-rock) band.

    However...most foreigners are only familiar with the term "J-pop" (Japanese pop), so Do As Infinity is often called a J-pop group as well. (Which is fine, because some of their songs can be classified as pop music).

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  • Why did they come up with that name?
  • "Do As Infinity" is a backronym. The name comes from creator Dai Nagao's first name. Do As Infinity = DAI = Dai Nagao.

    Now why he made "DAI" stand for "Do As Infinity" (and not "Dreaming At Intensity", or "Doing All Instruments", or "Driving Around Ireland"), I don't know. xD

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  • Is there a nickname for "Do As Infinity"?
  • There are two well-known nicknames for the group. A lot of people (especially fans from overseas/outside of Japan) call the group "DAI". But a lot of Japanese people call the group "DoAs".

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  • How many members are in Do As Infinity?
  • When the group first formed, there were three original members:

    1. Dai Nagao - The creator. He also played acoustic guitar and composed the songs.
    2. Ryo Owatari - The lead guitarist. He also wrote lyrics and occasionally sung.
    3. Tomiko Van - The lead singer. She also wrote most of the lyrics.
    Since the group's reformation in 2008, we're not 100% sure if Dai Nagao will come back. Lately, he's been busy with other artists, especially those on his Area404 label (such as Aria Asia, a female violinist).

    When Do As Infinity performed live, they were often joined by a 6-person backup band called the GREAT TOUR BAND (GTB). It's not confirmed if the original GTB members will come back, but two of the members (Jun Takase and Michitaro) dropped hints about Do As Infinity reforming, so both of them might come back. (By the way, you can learn more about the GTB on Kirin_Rammer's "New World" website.)

    Lastly, the group has had many co-lyricists, such as Jun Harada (who is also their A&R Manager) and Kayoko Shinchi. There's also Seiji Kameda, a producer/musicians who's worked on nearly all of their songs. These people are often considered the "extended family" of Do As Infinity.

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  • When did Do As Infinity form/disband/reband?
  • No one knows exactly when the group was formed (because they did street performances at least several months before they released a CD). However, their debut single ("Tangerine Dream") was released on September 29, 1999. The group officially disbanded on September 29, 2005, exactly six years later.

    They reformed exactly three years later, on September 29, 2008.

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  • Why did Do As Infinity disband?
  • None of the fans know the exact reason why, but a Japanese magazine (called "MINA") said it was because Tomiko Van wanted to do solo work. Jun Harada seemed to confirm this theory in his commentary from "Do The A-Side": "In the midst of the Live Tour, in early spring [2005], Van had made a decision. Then our next stop was Budokan yet again [for the farewell concert]."

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  • What happened to everyone when Do As Infinity disbanded?
  • Tomiko Van became a solo artist, and made jazz/pop/soft rock songs.

    Ryo Owatari formed a rock band of his own (called "Missile Innovation") and it includes two of his friends (who are twin brothers). Years ago, before Do As Infinity was created, Ryo and the twins were in another rock band called "pee-ka-boo".

    Dai Nagao still composes and produces (and sometimes collaborates on) songs for a wide variety of artists, including Ayumi Hamasaki, I-lulu and Aria Asia.

    As for the other members (the GREAT TOUR BAND et al) one's really sure what they've been up to. But I do know that Seiji Kameda is the bassist in a rock/jazz band called Tokyo Jihen (which was created by famed J-rocker Ringo Shiina).

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  • How many albums have they released?
  • This is a tricky one to answer. Before the 2005 breakup, the group had released 6 "official" albums: BREAK OF DAWN, NEW WORLD, DEEP FOREST, TRUE SONG, GATES OF HEAVEN, and NEED YOUR LOVE. All of the albums start with the last letter of the previous album:

    BreakofdawNew worlDeep foresTrue sonGates of heaveNeed your lovE

    There was also a special box set called "Do The Box" that contained all 6 of these albums.

    After their 2008 reunion, they have released 1 "official" album: ETERNAL FLAME. This album also continues the tradition of "using the last letter of the previous album". ^^

    So "officially", the group has released 7 albums. But (and this is where it gets tricky), lots of their music was used on special avex collaboration CDs (ex: "Drivin' J-Pop for love & joy"). avex tends to release at least one special album each year.

    And, if a Do As Infinity song was used on a TV series (ex: InuYasha), the song was also featured on the TV show's albums as well. Plus, there are also special "tribute"/"remix" albums that were created in honor of Do As Infinity (ex: "Do As Infinity Orgel Collection").

    The exact number of albums Do As Infinity appeared on may never be known. But their CDJapan page, and Ever...'s Discography page are good places to start. ^^

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  • How many singles have they released?
  • That's an easy question to answer! Do As Infinity has released 21 singles so far. =)

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  • What was their first single/album?
  • Their first single was "Tangerine Dream" (released September 29, 1999). Their first album was "BREAK OF DAWN" (released March 23, 2000).

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  • What was their last single/album before they reformed?
  • Their last single was "TAO" (released July 27, 2005). Their last album was "NEED YOUR LOVE" (released February 16, 2005).

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  • How'd they create their song titles/lyrics?
  • No one really knows why or how they named their songs, and the same goes for their lyrics. Van did reveal in this 2008 interview that sometimes her lyrics are based on personal experiences, but most times the lyrics are based on her first impression of the music. However, it's unknown if she's referring to her lyrics as a solo artist, or if this is how she writes ALL of her lyrics (including the ones she did for Do As Infinity).

    As for Ryo Owatari, Jun Harada, and all the other one knows if their lyrics are about personal experiences, or if they were "inspired" by some sort of dream, or if they were just being creative. =(

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  • Where can I buy Do As Infinity merchandise?
  • There are tons of online stores that sell their merchandise. But I highly recommend YesAsia (their prices are low, their selection is large, and the shipping costs are low for people outside of Asia). You can also try CDJapan, Amazon and iTunes. If you want used items, there's an area in DAIForum called Aisle 3. Be sure to check it out! You can also go to eBay for used merchandise.

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  • Where can I download [insert song here]?
  • I highly recommend you buy their CDs. However, you can sample their songs (and download several songs, in low-quality WMA format) on this site.

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  • Why don't you have a picture gallery here?
  • There's no need for me to offer pictures. There's already a TON of other sites doing this. Not to mention there's Google Pictures. ^^

    However, I do post some pictures here (mostly CD covers and profile pictures). But I also post "hard-to-find" photos, such as the credits page[s] from each CD. And for Tomiko Van, I added pictures from her "Brooklyn" musical performance (you can go to her "Acting" page to learn more).

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  • Why do you post WMAs on this site?
  • I want people to hear the full songs, because sometimes the MP3 samples don't capture the beauty of the full song.

    But I also want people to buy the actual CDs, which is why:

    1. I will never post every song they've made.
    2. I will never post new songs.
    3. I only post low-quality songs on the site. WMAs sound "less fuzzy" than low-quality MP3s (and I do want you to hear the song as best as possible). Plus WMAs are usually a bit smaller in size, which is why I use this format.
    4. I know people might not have a lot of money, so I mentioned a lot of low-cost shopping methods...including YesAsia and used CD sites (like eBay).
    I buy CDs, and you should too. We need to support these artists; otherwise they won't continue to make music. Amasia Landscape and I-lulu/KATA-KANA might still be active if people bought their music more -- and I'd hate for that to happen to Do As Infinity and everyone else on this site.

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  • I think you spelled [insert song title] wrong.
  • Actually, there's a 98% chance that I didn't. (^^;) Usually, one of the following three situations happened.

    Mind you, if none of these situations accurately describe what you saw, then you might have found an actual error. In which case, please email me!

      (as taken from the Lyrics page)
    1. I list songs based on their romaji title, so "Paradise" would be listed as "Rakuen".
    2. I use the Hepburn system of romaji, so certain titles might be written differently (ex: I'll write "Mirai e", but other people might write "Mirai he." It's the same thing, just a matter of opinion [and possibly, geographic location] -- sort of like "flavor" and "flavour".)
    3. Sometimes, a song is romanized incorrectly (ex: "Koi Otome" is often called "Koi Hi" by mistake). For your convenience, here's a list of commonly misspelled Do As Infinity song titles:

      Actual Name: Often Called by Mistake: To Learn More:
      Sariyuku Yuube (散り行く夕辺)
      Koi Otome (恋妃)
      sense of life
      Honoo (焔)
      Chiriyuku Yuube
      Koi Hi, Koi Kisaki
      sence of life
      Read Album #1's note.
      Read Album #3's note.
      Read Album #4's note.
      Read Album #8's note.

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