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Welcome to I-lulu's FAQ section! (^^) This is where I attempt to answer questions about the group. Many of the questions were written by me, but you can also submit questions (or fix any mistakes!). All you have to do is email me.

Below is a list of all the questions available. You can click on the questions to jump around, or manually scroll down the page. =)

Enjoy your visit, and I hope I can answer your question[s]!!

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Available Questions (I-lulu):
Why are they called "I-lulu"?
Is anyone in I-lulu married, or dating right now?
What happened to I-lulu?
Where can I buy I-lulu merchandise?
Where can I download [insert song here]?
Why don't you have a picture gallery here?
Why do you post WMAs on this site?

  • Why are they called "I-lulu"?
  • I honestly have no clue. If they ever say why (in a magazine article or something), I'll be sure to let you know.

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  • Is anyone in I-lulu married, or dating right now?
  • I'm not really sure, because there's so little information about the band.

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  • What happened to I-lulu?
  • I'm not really sure what happened; they just stopped making music after "GARASU (Glass) no Hitomi" was released. Maybe they weren't selling enough CDs, so avex disbanded them? ;__;

    However...I recently discovered some I-lulu videos on YouTube. One video was a live version of "Trust", their tribute song to Do As Infinity ? and two videos were street performances, featuring new songs! (^^) I've linked to these videos in the Updates/News section of their site.

    Later on, I received an email from Lawrence M. (who's a WAFTF visitor). He revealed that I-lulu has a new website (and blog!), and a new name as well. They are now known as KATA-KANA.  The new name is a combination of the member's names -- Yoshimi Katayama and Kana Mizushima -- and it's also a pun on the "katakana" writing alphabet.

    They supposedly released a CD called "Tabitachi no BERU [Bell]", but I think it's only sold during their live street performances.

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  • Where can I buy I-lulu merchandise?
  • There are tons of online stores that sell their merchandise. But I highly recommend YesAsia (their prices are low, their selection is large, and the shipping costs are low for people outside of Asia). You can also try CDJapan, Amazon and iTunes. If you want used items, there's an area in DAIForum called Aisle 3. Be sure to check it out! You can also go to eBay for used merchandise.

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  • Where can I download [insert song here]?
  • I highly recommend you buy their CDs. However, you can sample their songs (and download several songs, in low-quality WMA format) on this site.

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  • Why don't you have a picture gallery here?
  • There are very few pictures for I-lulu, probably because they aren't very well known. =(

    If I had more pictures to share, I would (and I normally don't post pictures on this site because you can usually find plenty of them with Google Images).

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  • Why do you post WMAs on this site?
  • I want people to hear the full songs, because sometimes the MP3 samples don't capture the beauty of the full song.

    But I also want people to buy the actual CDs, which is why:

    1. I will never post every song they've made.
    2. I will never post new songs.
    3. I only post low-quality songs on the site. WMAs sound "less fuzzy" than low-quality MP3s (and I do want you to hear the song as best as possible). Plus WMAs are usually a bit smaller in size, which is why I use this format.
    4. I know people might not have a lot of money, so I mentioned a lot of low-cost shopping methods...including YesAsia and used CD sites (like eBay).
    I buy CDs, and you should too. We need to support these artists; otherwise they won't continue to make music. I-lulu/KATA-KANA might make a comeback if people buy more of their CDs!

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