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Welcome to the Site FAQ section! (^^) This is where I attempt to answer questions about the entire "We are For the Future" website. Many of the questions were written by me, but you can also submit questions (or fix any mistakes!). All you have to do is email me.

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Available Questions (About the Site):
Tell me the site's history.
Why'd you name the site "We are For the Future"?
Are you one of their biggest fans?
How many people maintain this site?
Why do you highlight certain words and use a lot of BOLD?

  • Tell me the site's history.
  • Well...the GlobeMoon Network has been active since 2005 (but the domain name has existed since 2003). The network was going to focus on music and animation, but the animation part is still being debated. Right now, there are three sites: the main site, this site, and MonoKrome: a Miho Komatsu fansite.

    As for the history of "We are For the Future"...

    After I became a fan of Do As Infinity's music, the next thing I did was search for translated lyrics. I really wanted to know what they were singing about. =)

    But after searching for weeks, I barely found any translated lyrics. I did find a few translations on websites like Moonless Triton and Centigrade-J, but I'd say 80-90% of Do As Infinity's songs did not have a translation.

    That irked me. I mean, everyone talks about how great this group is, but no one bothered to translate their songs? That's just not fair, and I wanted to do something (even though I barely understood Japanese). So I visited a ton of lyric sites and asked people for help. I was polite, and I said that I'd work around their schedules. In other words, if they could only do something as small as 1-2 lyrics a month, that was fine.

    Despite my kindness and cries for help, most people still said "no", or they never replied to my emails. But a few people did say "yes", including KS. (^__^) He was an amazing man; KS translated nearly all of the missing lyrics, and he usually did one lyric a day!

    I also met Salinde, who had previously translated (and donated) several lyrics to the AnimeLyrics website -- including "Oasis", "Fukai Mori", and "Shinjitsu no Uta". Salinde translated the songs KS didn't do. I also got a little help from my old friend, Kashiko.

    A few years later, I met more translators/friends, including quartet4, Kiwi Musume, and blackrabbit2999. But they joined the site later...so let's go back to the past (2003-2004).

    While the Do As Infinity lyrics were being worked on (by KS, Salinde, and Kashiko), I had made a decision: I wanted to share the lyrics with other people. It wouldn't be fair to me, or the translators and their talent, if I kept all the lyrics to myself. So I decided to build a website for Do As Infinity.

    I didn't know anything about HTML, so I went to tutorial sites like HTML Goodies and learned the basics. Then I got Do As Infinity information off websites like DAIForum, Map of the Heart, and Wikipedia. Lastly, I made the site more helpful (and a bit more unique) by adding an interactive discography where you can sample all the songs. I even added a few full-size songs for download, as an attempt to create more fans.

    It took me over a year to create the site (and I wanted EVERYTHING done before I uploaded the site. I don't believe in publishing half-finished work), but when I finished in late 2005, I was proud of the results. Even though the layout was really, REALLY horrible. A few years later, I did a second layout, which was better...but still bad. (x_x) You can visit the "Memory Lane" section to see pictures of the old layouts.

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  • Why'd you name the site "We are For the Future"?
  • I named the site because of WinAmp, a popular music player. (xD) One day, WinAmp was in Shuffle Mode and it played the songs "We are." and "For the future" back to back. I really liked it; both songs mixed together pretty well. Then I realized that the song titles could make a sentence, and I like what that sentence means.

    "We are for the future" is a pledge to always be around. If you want to be around for the future, you always have to improve and offer the best you can. "We" refers to me, you, other fans, and of course Do As Infinity. And "for the future" is a lifelong commitment, similar to the phrase "Do as infinity". ^^

    I believe we can empower and help each other: I'm here for you, and you're here for Do As Infinity. And Do As Infinity is here for all of us. =)

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  • Are you one of their biggest fans?
  • I'm a big fan, but definitely not their biggest. There are people (especially at DAIForum) who own nearly all of their merchandise, have rare videos/songs, and seem to know information before everyone else (like ANNA, Ogawa, ainouta, and unwanted-fan).

    I don't claim to know everything about them, so if want to contribute something or you see any mistakes, don't hesitate to email me!

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  • How many people maintain this site?
  • Aside from the translators (and the people who donate articles, scans, etc.), I'm the only person maintaining this site. I create all the pages and upload everything. ^^

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  • Why do you highlight certain words and use a lot of BOLD?
  • Because I interact with idiots a lot. =D

    ...I'm not calling YOU an idiot, by the way.

    The truth is a lot of people I work with/communicate with/deal with...well, they don't like to read what I write. And sometimes, yes...I do talk too much. But everything I say matters (usually)! Plus it's it's not like I'm writing a college essay, so there aren't any "big, unfamiliar terms" in anything I write. But hey...if your comprehension level is barely past Dr. Suess, it's not MY problem. (T_T) And if my text is so fricken long, then read my stuff one paragraph at a time -- and take breaks if you have to, dammit. >|

    ...Anyway. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;

    I figured the best way to compromise my excessive text with their short attention spans is by keeping my convos short, and highlighting the main points with bold and pretty colors. 'Cuz those things mean this part is the most important.

    Oh, and lots of smiles help, too! =D
    (Actually, I just like to act happy/positive....so I smile because I genuinely want to. xD)

    Needless to say, I've been writing this way for years, and it's just what I do now, as a habit/safety precaution of sorts. (^^) If you think my highlighting is excessive or REALLY annoying, I apologize and I think you're a FRICKIN' GENIUS. But at least you know I have a reason for doing it. ^^;;

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