WAFTF Staff FAQ (Oasis Heart3)

Welcome to my (Oasis Heart3's) FAQ! Many of the questions were written by me, but you can also submit questions (or fix any mistakes!). All you have to do is email me.

Below is a list of all the questions available. You can click on the questions to jump around, or manually scroll down the page. =)

Enjoy your visit, and I hope I can answer your question[s]!!

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Do As Infinity
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Tomiko Van
Ryo Owatari
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Dai Nagao (D.A.I.)
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Available Questions (Oasis Heart3, the webmistress):
How'd you create your username?
What's the correct way to write your username?
What's your real name?
Tell us more about yourself!
How did you become a fan of Do As Infinity (and the other artists)?
How did you become a fan of the other artists (Kazuyoshi Saito, Ayumi Hamasaki, etc.)?
What other Japanese artists do you like?

  • How'd you create your username?
  • When I was a new fan of Do As Infinity, two of my favorite songs were "Oasis" and "Heart". I added the number 3 because there were three main members in the group (Tomiko Van, Ryo Owatari, Dai Nagao). I first used the name "oasis_heart3" at DAIForum, and I decided to keep using it on my website. ^^

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  • What's the correct way to write your username?
  • Sometimes I alternate between "oasis_heart3" and "Oasis Heart3". Both spellings are fine. (^^) You can also just call me "Oasis", or "OH3".

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  • What's your real name?
  • My real-life nickname is "Bri" and that's all I'm telling you. =P

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  • Tell us more about yourself!
  • Well...I'm a female (born in 1985), and I live in the United States. I've been interested in computers, writing, and foreign languages (especially Japanese) ever since I was a child...so my "dream job" is to do something that involves all three. ^_^

    • Food and sweets (and no, I'm not fat)
    • Reading
    • Using the Internet
    • Learning new dances
    • Music
    • Animals (especially domesticated ones! I mean, I like leopards, but... xD)
    • Dislikes:

    • Liars
    • Mean people
    • Working. I'm a lazy bum. xD
    • Exercise. For the same reason listed above. xD

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  • How did you become a fan of Do As Infinity (and the other artists)?
  • Most American fans learned about Do As Infinity through InuYasha, a popular anime/manga series. I am not one of these fans...sort of. (xD) I didn't hear their music until I watched InuYasha, but I knew about the group for a long time.

    I'd heard of Do As Infinity, just like I'd heard of MANY other artists. So I put DAI on my special list called "I've Heard of You, and One Day I'll Listen To Your Music". (This list is still reeeeeaaallly long.... x___x)

    I have a similar list for anime series, and thanks to Cartoon Network I've removed a lot of these shows from my list, including Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Detective Conan...and InuYasha.

    I really liked InuYasha and I watched it all the time. Then one day I heard its "newest" ending, "Fukai Mori", and I said to myself, "This song is amazing! I wonder who the singer is?!" So I kept watching the credits to find out, and that's when I discovered the "singer" was Do As Infinity (or more specifically, Tomiko Van).

    So a few hours later, I removed Do As Infinity from my list. And I searched for more of their songs. (^^) "Raven" was the first full-length song I heard by them, and I was immediately hooked.

    Sadly, I became a fan right before their 2005 breakup. I tried going to their farewell concert too, but...well, let's just say my plan failed. And I got depressed for a while. (-__-) But I reduced my depression by following their solo careers!!

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  • How did you become a fan of the other artists on this site (Kazuyoshi Saito, Ayumi Hamasaki, etc.)?
  • Well I was already a fan for some of the artists (specifically Ayumi Hamasaki and hitomi). But for everyone else, the simple answer is, "I had no choice but to become a fan." xD

    I want this website to be very thorough, complete, and detailed. So I try to monitor ALL the projects that Ryo, Van, and Dai are involved with. That means I have to post information on everyone they've ever worked with -- or at the very least, I'll post a picture and a brief biography for the artist. (^^;) Usually these artists do really good collaborations with Dai, Ryo and Van...and as a result I want to hear more of their music, and I (usually) end up becoming a casual fan.

    But sometimes I'll find a song or artist that's really terrible (example: "MONSTER PARTY" by Dengeki Network). And when that happens, I still end up becoming a "(mild) fan". That's because I have to force myself to like these songs. Since I have to create MP3 samples and romaji lyrics, that means I need to hear the song repeatedly. And you know what happens when you hear a song repeatedly -- you end up liking it. (>_<;) I think it's called Stuck Song Syndrome. xD

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  • What other Japanese artists do you like?
  • I'm willing to give any artist a chance, which you probably already know by now. ^_^

    However, some more of my favorite Japanese artists are Miho Komatsu, Ai Otsuka, Ketsumeishi, Ringo Shiina (and Tokyo Jihen), Hikaru Utada, Angela Aki, D[di:], L'arc~en~Ciel, Kiroro, Pizzicato Five, capsule, MEG, Masami Okui...

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