Commercialized Songs

Using music in popular media (TV shows, commercials, movies, video games, etc.) is a great way to promote a band. It "commercializes" them, letting mainstream audiences hear them and potentially buy their CDs. ^^

Below is a list of I-lulu's commercially used songs. This list might get bigger in the future, so stay tuned!

(used in 2 ways)

~Live Action Series/Movies

~TV Shows


~Video Games

~Other (Special events, etc.)

Click on a song for more information:

GARASU (Glass) no Hitomi
(Theme Song [Horror Movie]) - Kuchisake-onna
This movie is based on an old Japanese folklore. You can read more about it on this ENGLISH Wikipedia page (there's also an alternative version you can read, which is also in English).

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Taiyou no Kasa
(Ending Theme [TV Show]) - Kiseki Taiken! UNBELIEVABLE
The show's translated title is "Miraculous Experience! Unbelievable". Unfortunately, I can't find much info in English, but based on the random articles I did find...this show apparently tells miraculous stories about people from different backgrounds, such as a boxer who beat the odds, and a couple who went through hardships (including the Russo-Japanese War) for over 50 years but still managed to stay in love.

The show has been around since (at least) 1997, and as a result, different musicians have done a theme song for the show. =)

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