Links (Lyrics & Donations)

This is where I thank all the people and websites that helped me with lyrics, and locating some hard-to-find files. (^^) I hope you visit all the links!

Official & Fan Sites - Site Construction/Help - Lyrics & Donations

Donations (Scans, CDs, MP3s, etc.)

jpopsuki : Thanks to this great file sharing community, I was able to get I-lulu's tribute songs. (^^) jpopsuki is a great place to go if you like Japanese music. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Translations / Romaji

Kiwi Musume : Thanks to her, most of I-lulu's songs were translated. She even revised the lyrics that I tried to translate myself. (^^) She's a great translator and friend, and I really appreciate all the work she's done.

Tangerine Dreamer : She translated "Ame-agari no Gogo" for me (which was a hard song to do), and for that, I am eternally grateful. I do hope you'll work with me again in the future, Tangerine Dreamer! =D

Kanji/Other Lyrics : When I type kanji lyrics, I'll occasionally get stuck. So, I post for help in their forum. (^^) The people here are pretty friendly -- but please read the rules before you post anything. Their main site also has TONS of anime lyrics, so if you're looking for the lyrics to an anime song, be sure to make your first stop. ^^

...By the way, the site was called "", but they changed their URL to AnimeLyrics.TV -- please update all your bookmarks, and spread the word!!!

LyricWiki : This is a HUGE site that's similar to Wikipedia, but it's used for lyrics. Most of the lyrics are for mainstream English-speaking artists, but it does have lyrics in other languages. Including a few Do As Infinity kanji lyrics. ^^

Thanks to this site, I got the lyrics for all of I-lulu's tribute songs.