"Beautiful spider"
Performed by: I-lulu
Lyrics: Masashi Kitani
Composition: D.A.I (Dai Nagao)
Arrangement: Takahide Azuchi [1]

º I-lulu = Kana Mizushima (vocals/lyrics), Yoshimi Katayama (guitar/composition/arrangement)

Song from:
[1 album] - ROPS [!!]

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La La La...
I'm so beautiful spider

Hakidasu ai no mitsu o wana ni
Obikiyoseru no tsukiyo
Tomaranu shoudou
Itemo tattemo irarenai
Kocchi e oide yo
Watashi no BATAFURAI (Butterfly)

Furachi na komoriuta amaku
Sasayaku youni utai
Takanaru HAATOBIITO (Heartbeat)
Suki o mite wa ubau no
Anata no risei o
Nugasete ageru wa

La La La...
I'm so beautiful spider

Kimagure kami-sama ni natte
Kobizu ni odorikurue
Binetsu ni yoishire
Nanimo kamo o wasurete
Shibireru denki SHOKKU (Shock)
Kono mi o kogasu wa

La La La...
I'm so beautiful spider

La La La...
I'm so beautiful spider

I was lured by the moon
To a trap that poured out love's honey...
I can't stop this impulse --
I can't stay and I can't go...
Come to me,
My butterfly...

I sing a naughty lullaby
In a sweet whisper.
My heartbeat gets faster.
I'll watch for a chance and take it --
I'll strip away
All your sense...

La La La...
I'm so beautiful spider

Become a fickle god --
Don't bother with flattery, just dance in ecstacy.
Let the fever take you
And forget everything...
I'll set your body on fire
With a numbing electric shock...

La La La...
I'm so beautiful spider
Oasis Heart3's Notes:
[!!] "ROPS" is an anagram for "Rock music" and "Pop(s) music"...which are the two genres that influenced this CD. ^^

[1] Takahide Azuchi is a member of sacra, which is another group on the "True Song Records" label. =)

     Also, on "Map of the Heart" (a massive, fan-made, Do As Infinity "library"), the owner somehow knew who arranged several of I-lulu's tracks (the tracks that Dai Nagao was involved with, anyway). I own the ROPS CD, and they NEVER listed the arranger's name...but I rarely doubt "Map of the Heart". =D