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What's new with I-lulu?
(posted on May 3, 2009)

As some of you may have noticed, I-lulu hasn't released a CD in years.  However...that apparently doesn't mean they've stopped making music!

I recently discovered several YouTube videos featuring I-lulu doing live performances, including a street live and several new songs!  I'm not sure if the "new songs" were written by I-lulu (or if they're covers of somebody else's songs), but it's still a performance nonetheless.  Which means they're still active. ^_^

For your convenience, I've linked to the songs below.  Later on, I'll make audio rips and post them in the Downloads section. 

I-lulu (Live Performances on YouTube)
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Live, Street Performance #1 (new, untitled song!)
Live, Street Performance #2: "Taiyou no Kasa"

Taiyou no Kasa
Taiyou no Kasa [short version]
Ai no Kotoba
Kan Hi Zakura
Ame-agari no Gogo
MUFURAA (Muffler)

Daijobu da yo
Saigo no KISU (Kiss)
Tabitachi no BERU (Bell)
Sunshine of your love
Sunshine of your love [short version]

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