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What's new with I-lulu? (Part 2)
(posted on October 5, 2009)

In the first news announcement, I mentioned that I-lulu is still making music.  (^^) I'm happy to report that I have more news to report thanks to Lawrence M, a nice man who emailed me two weeks ago.

I-lulu has a new website (and blog!), and a new name as well. They are now known as KATA-KANA.  The new name is a combination of the member's names -- Yoshimi Katayama and Kana Mizushima -- and it's also a pun on the "katakana" writing alphabet.

A new CD, called "Tabitachi no BERU [Bell]" (which is also the name of one of their new songs), was scheduled to be released last fall...but it seems as though that has been delayed.  Once the CD is released, I'll definitely let you know! ^^

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