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  1. Taiyou no Kasa
  2. GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou

(CD Single #2)

CD cover (both versions)
+Produced by: get over the records (part of Victor Entertainment)
+Release Date: February 21, 2007
+Catalogue #: GYZL-10002 [CD + DVD], GYCL-35002 [CD Only]

+More Info:
This is I-lulu's second single. (^^) The DVD only has one track: the music video/PV for "GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou". The video uses images from the movie it was promoting ("Kuchisake-onna"). In fact, you can watch the PV here, if you want! =)

My friend Kiwi Musume said the title of the CD (which means "Glass Eye[s]") reminded her of Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter. (xD) I can assure you this CD isn't about him, but the circumstances around it are just as strange and creepy.

For starters, notice the catalogue numbers on the CD. One is GYZL-10002, and the other is GYCL-35002. Why they're so different, I have no clue. I also don't know if the CD Only and CD+DVD versions have different cover art. The cover above is the only one I keep seeing (even at stores like CDJapan), and it's the same one I have (I own the CD+DVD version). But usually each version of a CD has a different cover. The CD is also strange because it has NO instrumental/karaoke tracks, which is practically unheard of nowadays, especially in Japan.

Aside from these issues, the song are pretty good and have an acoustic, mellow sound. (^^) And the single is historic because for one, it marks I-lulu's first real attempt to go mainstream. The title track was the theme song for a horror movie called "Kuchisake-onna".

Kuchisake-onna itself is historic: it's an old Japanese folklore, which you can read about it on this ENGLISH Wikipedia page (there's also an alternative version you can read, which is also in English).

As for the movie, you can watch a trailer of it here. The last few scenes are kinda creepy...her mouth is just...WOW. O_O

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Taiyou no Kasa
(CD Single #1)

CD cover
+Produced by: get over the records (part of Victor Entertainment)
+Catalogue #: GORBC-0002
+Release Date: December 14, 2005

+More Info:
This is I-lulu's first single, and it features the original version of "Futari de". (^^) An acoustic version of the song can be found on their "ROPS" album; it has a slower melody and slightly different lyrics. You can sample the song and read the lyrics below. (Alternatively, you can hear the sample in the Flash player above):

Futari de ~Acoustic Ver.~   HTML

This single was also the first victim of I-lulu/get over the record's "inconsistent catalogue number" disorder. The group has released three CDs, each with a different catalogue number: GORBC, GYCL, and GYZL, respectively.

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