Memory Lane

Welcome to Memory Lane! This is a memorial for the previous layouts, or "versions" of We are For the Future. You'll find pictures and a summary of each layout (why I made the layout this way, what made me change it, etc). You'll also be able to use a small demo of each site, so you can truly experience how awful they were how each layout worked. :D

I also answered some basic site questions (like why I made this site in the first place) on the "About the Site" FAQ page, so be sure to read that page too!

Available Versions:
Version 1 - Version 2

Version 1
We are For the Future (Version 1)

September 1, 2005 - December 16, 2006
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    Pros: None. xD

    Cons: Everything. xD

  • Not compliant with W3C Standards.
  • The site was too tiny.
  • It was hard to highlight things with your mouse.
  • It used frames, which means you can't link to individual pages.
  • It used JavaScript to stop bandwidth theft, and it did more bad than good.

In-Depth Explanation: This was the first version of We are For the Future. It was also my first time making a website...although I'm sure that's painfully obvious. ^^;;

I'm not sure why I used yellow, or why I picked such a bright shade of yellow (although I did try to make it less bright...but I pretty much failed. Yellow is naturally bright, aterall. xD) I also don't know why I used red and black; I guess I just thought those colors looked good, so I went with it?

As for the images on the site...over at DAIForum, I met someone called Kirin_Rammer. At the time, his avatar was a South Park caricature of Do As Infinity (which he had made himself!). I really thought it was cute, so I asked him if I could borrow it for my site, and he said yes. (^^) And since Do As Infinity makes music, I decided to use a musical motif for the rest of the graphics. That's why the header and buttons look like a scoresheet, and why the text on the buttons kind of resembles musical notes. I also made each button stand for Do As Infinity, and everything in their menus started with the same letter. ^_^

Back then, lots of people used frames on their websites, so I decided to use frames too. I think I made the frame small so it would be the same (or nearly the same) width as the header image. And naturally, since the frame was small, I decided to make a small scrollbar (in Internet Explorer only) -- so I used a nice JavaScript trick to do it, and it involved making the page zoom smaller. But unfortunately, if the page was smaller, the font would be I had to balance it out by making the font zoom larger.

Messing with the zoom did have side effects: whenever you scrolled the page, the text would "jump". And it was difficult trying to highlight stuff with your mouse. (>_<;) But worst of all...that wasn't the only JavaScript I had on the site.

I also had this anti-bandwidth trick that prevented people from opening any links other than the lyrics and the main page/Index.html (which was also a frame). So if you linked directly to the discography (ex: dai_albums.html), it would force you to come to my main site, and use the frame. And it would accuse you of trying to steal my bandwidth.

Unfortunately, it gave me the same problems, too!!! If I wanted to update/edit the Discography page, I had to open the Index.html page, then go to the Discography page by using the site's menu. If I tried to directly open the Discography, it would force me to load it in a frame. And then accuse ME of trying to steal MY OWN bandwidth. (T___T) This was REALLY annoying, especially since I'll often update the site OFFLINE, by using a backup of the site I keep on my computer. So...whenever I opened a page outside of frames, it would try to load my website...but since I'm offline, I'll get an error message instead. T_T

Despite the annoying code, I figured it was safer (and smarter) to keep I got used to opening the Index page and selecting the page I wanted to fix. (xD) I also kept the same anti-bandwidth code on "Version 2" of the site.

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Version 2
We are For the Future (Version 2)

December 16, 2006 - May 3, 2009
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  • More compliant with W3C Standards.
  • The layout looked (and worked) better.
  • The site was a little easier for me to update/organize.
  • Cons:

  • It still used frames.
  • My search engine ranking (and popularity) probably suffered because of frames.
  • It still used JavaScript to stop bandwidth theft, and it did more bad than good.

In-Depth Explanation: As you can see, I kept the yellow/red/black theme. But, I used an even lighter shade of yellow this time! Which means your eyes (probably) didn't hurt!! Or at least not as much!!! :P

For this layout, I decided to keep using frames -- but I made the frames MUCH bigger. I also kept the D.reaming-A.cheiving-I.nspiring theme for Do As Infinity's menu. (^^) I stopped using that "page zoom" trick, which meant the text stopped jumping and you can easily highlight text with your mouse. But I still kept that anti-bandwidth JavaScript trick...and since I still had frames, that meant you still couldn't link to any individual pages.

I was also inspired by Sailor's layout. I liked how the layout would change colors, based on which sailor senshi you picked. (^^) At the time I didn't know much about CSS, so I tried imitating that effect with iFrames and JavaScript. Basically, I made different colored pages, and if you clicked on the appropriate links (Dai's Site - Van's Site - Ryo's Site), you'll see the iFrames change pages (and therefore, change colors). The iFrames loaded pretty fast too, so it almost looked like the layout DID change!

This version of the site was much larger than the previous version, and not just in screen size. I added another sub-site/artist (moumoon), and there was even more information than before. I also organized the pages a bit better...but it was still a headache for me to update. The site still looked a bit sloppy to me, especially the Updates section. And every few months, my counter would reset (but thankfully, I always wrote down the number of visitors each month). And, I hated the scrolling Announcement Box on the home page, but I didn't know how else to make announcements. Frames tend to limit the amount of space you have. =\

Frames ALSO don't index your site very well on search engines, so I'm sure this prevented my site from being very well-known. Nowadays, I'm getting more popular (and I'm sure part of the reason is because Do As Infinity is back together), and this current, third version of the site is much better looking. AND it's easier for me to update and organize.

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