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Welcome to We are For the Future's moumoon site! Here you will find translated lyrics, interactive discographies, and plenty of information. ^^

I'm a fan of this group, but I don't claim to know everything about them -- and I do occasionally make mistakes. So if you see any mistakes, or you want to contribute information, feel free to email me.

Take a look around, and enjoy your visit! =D



moumoon is going to have a 7-day concert (starting Monday, Jan. 21)!! Please read the "News" section for more information!!!

A LOT has happened in the past 5 months. Please read the News section for a brief chronological explanation. :D

Just like in April, a TON of stuff has been added to the site. Read the "News" section to learn more...and also check out the Lyrics Index, Albums, Singles, and Collaborations pages. ;)
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