moumoon - Older Updates
I've updated a LOT on the site. Basically...check out the Lyrics Index, Albums, Singles, Collaborations, Commercialized, and Download pages. (^^) Please read the "News" section to learn more.

New PVs (and MP3 samples) have been revealed! Check the "News" section for more info. ;)

Lots of new stuff has been (and will be) added to the site! Read the "News" section to learn more. ^^

New songs, new CD singles, new live performances, and new lyrics have been added to the website. Read the "News" section to learn more. :D

I've updated a LOT on the site. It'd probably be best if you just clicked all the menu links, and see what you can find. But feel free to read the News section, and get a HUGE surprise. :P

I've added their 2 newest singles to the site. I also updated the Lyrics Index, Commercialized Songs, and Versus pages. (^^) Also, a new album will be released in March 2011! Please read the "News" section to learn more.

Their newest mini-album has been added to the site; "Sunshine Girl" has made them famous; and TWO new singles (plus another new song!) are going to be released.

Basically, I've updated a LOT. Check the Home (or News), Albums, Commercialized, Downloads, and Lyrics pages.

I added the translation for the "Sunshine Girl" CDS. I've also added their newest single, "Let's dance in the moonlight" (along with most of its lyrics). They also released a "new" iTunes exclusive album; check the Album section for more info.

There's also news to report: a new mini-album will be released on July 7! Check the News section to learn more.

I've added the "Sunshine Girl" CD single to the site.

Lastly, there's LOTS of news to report, including a special charity project and a new album! Please read the News section for more information.

I added the lyrics/MP3 sample to "Don't Worry", which is YUKA's new collaboration. You can also get the full song in the "Download" section.

Also, moumoon will be releasing ANOTHER, SECOND CD single this month! Check the "News" section for more info. I've also updated the "Commercialized Songs" page.

moumoon is going to release a new CD single AND a new collaboration! And believe it or not, I've added the MP3 samples AND [romanized] lyrics for "Refrain"!! Check the "News" section to learn more about everything. ;)

The CD cover (and tracklist!) for the new mini-album has been released. Check the News section for more info.

I added the lyrics to "Run, Rachel Run". Also, a new song has been revealed, AND a new album is coming out! (^O^) Check the "News" section for more info!!

I've added their newest single to the Discography page, the "Commercialized Song" page, and there's a News update on it (or rather, the official PVs) as well! (^^) I've added new lyrics as well, which you can also access in the Discography page and in the Lyrics Index.

The lyrics to "100 LOVES" (a collaboration) have finally been translated, and I added the CD credits to "On the right" (check the "Music Staff" page).

Also, moumoon is doing something exciting in honor of their upcoming single! (^^) Check the News section for more information.

I've added a new, iTunes exclusive song to the site! It's called "Destiny". (^^) You can learn more in the "Special Songs". Also, you can download the song AND the lyrics have been translated too!

...And, it looks like "Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai" will finally be released as a single! =D

I added their new single, "On the right". (^^) That includes MP3 samples AND translated lyrics!

A new collaboration ("100 LOVES") has been added to the site.

I've also added the romaji lyrics, and you can get the full song (via low-quality WMA) in the "Downloads" section.

I've finally added the translations for "S-cape", "FOREVER", "Stars are bright", and "Philia". =)

I have also updated the "Commercialized Songs" page. (^^) I added "On the right". And I also realized that I mixed up "Ai no Oto ~English ver.~" and "EVERGREEN"s song information! This mistake has now been fixed.

Added translated lyrics for "3 days magic", "EVERGREEN", and "Ai no Oto ~English ver.~".

I also added the lyrics/WMA for "Be My Baby", a collaboration YUKA did.

There are also MP3 samples/WMAs for 3 new, iTunes exclusive tracks, which you can sample in the Discography section.