Collaborations are special songs that usually are done with another artist. They usually aren't available on moumoon's CDs, either. I've listed all of their collaborations below, in chronological order. New collaborations are always displayed on the first page.

There are two ways you can sample the songs:

1) HTML: This is the original way I had it set up, where you'll have to manually download and listen to each file. Also, if you hover over the links, you'll see the kanji title of each song.

2) Flash Player (and Hear all collabs): This flash player will let you listen to each sample in REAL TIME. (^^) Occasionally you can choose between different playlists (especially if the CD is a remake/tribute to another artist's work).

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Click on the 'Lyrics' icon to access the lyrics. ALL lyrics will open in ONE popup (i.e.: all of the lyrics share the same popup). This way, you won't have a TON of popups open. Besides, you can't read two lyrics at the same time, right? (^^) But if you want to open the lyrics in more than one window, feel free to right-click the links and choose "Open in New Window".

Lastly, to make the pages load faster, the collaborations will be split into several pages (hence why I alternated/color-coded the links).

regular text (no link) = song not available yet

  1. Can't you feel
  2. 100 LOVES
  3. Don't Worry
  5. Egao no Kimi ga Suki Dakara

5) Egao no Kimi ga Suki Dakara

(Album - 12 tracks)

+Produced by: Crown Records
+Catalogue #: CRCP-40307 [CD + DVD], CRCP-40308 [CD Only]
+Release Date: January 25, 2012

+More Info:
This is a collaboration with a Japanese artist named Tiara. (^^) The DVD has 3 tracks, which are PVs/music videos...but for some bizarre reason, none of those PVs are for this song (and there is a PV for this song).

As for the actual song's actually kind of nice; it's very cutesy...just like the PV/music video. My only complaint is that you can barely hear YUKA during the chorus (unless that's her being auto-tuned in the background?), and YUKA has very few lines to sing.

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1) Can't you feel

CD cover
(Album - 9 tracks)

+Produced by: BMG Japan
+Catalogue #: BVCR-17060
+Release Date: March 5, 2008

+More Info:
On this song, YUKA collaborated with an artist named MAKAI. He's a House artist ("House" is a genre of music. To me, it sounds like a mixture of techno, club, and dance music). MAKAI composed/arranged the song, and YUKA wrote the lyrics (which are in English!). Kousuke Masaki had NOTHING to do with this song.

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2) 100 LOVES

(Mini-Album - 8 tracks)

+Produced by: King Records
+Catalogue #: KICS-91471 [CD + DVD], KICS-1471 [CD Only]
+Release Date: June 10, 2009

+More Info:
This mini-album is by a hip-hop/rap group called CLIFF EDGE. The DVD has only one thing on it: the music video/PV for "Owarinaki Tabi", the first track on the album (which is a collaboration with singer "AJ", otherwise known as "Akimoto Junko").

I actually like all sorts of music, so I do like hip-hop/rap. And I was surprised that CLIFF EDGE are actually good rappers. A lot of Japanese rappers...well, suck. (xD) So I was impressed by the whole album, especially their collaboration with YUKA.

"100 LOVES" has a happy, pop-heavy beat; it makes you want to dance (in fact, I think it'd be good in a "Dance Dance Revolution"-type game). Unfortunately(?), YUKA doesn't rap in it -- she just sings the chorus. But man, does she sing the chorus well! (^^) And when she sings a particular line (the "so bright..." one), her voice hits these really amazing notes.

This song has become one of my favorites, and I'm starting to like CLIFF EDGE as well. ^^

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3) Don't Worry

at Rie sessions
(Collaboration Album - 11 tracks)

+Produced by: Sony/gr8! Records
+Catalogue #: SRCL-7245/-7246 [CD + DVD], SRCL-7247 [CD Only]
+Release Date: March 31, 2010

+More Info:
This is a collaboration with Rie fu, a relatively popular artist (who's not as famous as she should be). The song also features another female artist, named "KAT". (^^) This song grows on you overtime, but it's definitely not the best. And you can barely hear YUKA singing. But I guess that makes sense; Rie fu and KAT wrote this song. It was nice of them to invite a relatively unknown artist (i.e., YUKA, and moumoon) -- from a different record label -- to join them. It could really help YUKA out. :D

The entire album is a collaboration with various artists, some of which are a bit popular (including ORANGE RANGE and Ringo Shiina's older brother, Junpei Shiina). Since I can't find a romanized tracklist, that mentions ALL of the collaborators/artists, I'll go ahead and list it here. And as a side note, Rei fu collaborated with this YUI...and NOT this one:

(hover over a romanized track to see its kanji title)

01. Stay with me ~Ren'ai Nante Himitsu Butsu~ - Rie fu & Lily Franky feat. Bose (Schadaraparr)

02. Just Like You - Rie fu & Leo Imai

03. Irodatte - Rie fu & Mina Ganaha, Mayumix

04. Don't Worry - Rie fu & KAT, YUKA (moumoon)

05. STAR - Rie fu & Sarasa Ifu, Kenji Suzuki

06. Sunshine Forehead - Rie fu & Curly Giraffe

07. My Start - Rie fu & Kenichi Takemoto, Peter Kvint

08. Gilles - Rie fu & NAOTO (ORANGE RANGE), kohei (Hoi festa)

09. Laundry - Rie fu & YUI (RYTHEM), Akiko Nakashima

10. Bright Life - Rie fu & Honoka Sato (aluto)

11. Hitotsu Hitotsu - Rie fu & Seira, Junpei Shiina, Christomoko, Saki

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CD cover
7 Years
(Collaboration Album - 15 tracks)

+Produced by: Universal/Polydor
+Catalogue #: UPCH-1848 [CD+DVD]
+Release Date: October 5, 2011

+More Info:
This is another collaboration with MAKAI (their first song together was "Can't You Feel"). This album is in honor of MAKAI's 7th anniversary in the music industry. :D

YUKA's appearance on the album is quite special: most of the album's songs were already released, on older albums...but YUKA was one of only 2 artists to make a new song for the album. That means she's special, and MAKAI really likes her. :D

"DAYDREAMS" is actually a really nice song. It starts off slow, but then it really picks up. ^^

Unfortunately I don't have the full MP3 yet, or the translated lyrics. can hear 2 minutes of the song in this short PV/music video. And I did post the romanized lyrics. Truth be told, most of the song is in English, so there's not a lot to translate anyway. ^^;

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