Links (Lyrics & Donations)

This is where I thank all the people and websites that helped me with lyrics, and locating some hard-to-find files. (^^) I hope you visit all the links!

Official & Fan Sites - Site Construction/Help - Lyrics & Donations

Donations (Scans, CDs, MP3s, etc.)

josuke (jpopsuki) : Thanks to josuke, I got the entire "Flower" album (as well as scans). I really appreciate him (and jpopsuki) for this! ^^

lazyr03 (DAIForum) : Thanks to him, I got all the scans for "love me?", and they were later romanized by Corichan. ^^

Infinitylight (moumoon's FanBlog) : She's the owner of this wonderful fanblog, and thanks to her I got scans for "Do you remember?", "more than love", and the MP3 for "Sunrise".

L. Kaen's Baidu page : Thanks to them, I was able to get scans for "Tiny Star". (^^) L. Kaen also has scans for a LOT of other CDs, so you should definitely check their page out.

Natalie's Music Blog : Thanks to her, I got a large cover scan of YMCK x DE DE MOUSE's "DOWN TOWN" album. (^^) Her entire site is really nice and very informative, so if you're really into Japanese music, I highly suggest going here for the latest news (some of which is about rarely talked about artists!).

p0taku : Thanks to him, I was able to get the entire "Garden" album. (^^) Without his help, I couldn't make a sample (or WMA file) for "Can't you feel". I had just about given up hope trying to find this album when he came along I really owe him a lot!!!

dimazdizon : Thanks to her, I was able to get the entire "VOYAGE" album. (^^) Without her help, I couldn't make a sample (or WMA file) for "100 LOVES". I had just about given up hope trying to find this album when he came along I really owe her a lot!!!

Translations / Romaji

Tangerine Dreamer : She's a friend that I met over at DAIForum, and thanks to her a lot of things were translated on this site. (^^) Aside from translating, she's also into photography, which is what her website/DeviantArt page deals with. =)

Kokoro (and small_saint) : small_saint asked Kokoro to translate some lyrics from the "Flowers" album. So thanks to both of them, this site has become more complete. ^_^

Kashiko & blackrabbit2999 : They translated the remaining songs from the "Flowers" album. (^_^) So of course, they also helped the site out immensely. Also, blackrabbit2999 is a VERY talented artist, which is what his website/DeviantArt page deals with. =)

Corichan (and Shigure) : Shigure asked Cori to romanize the "Flowers" album. (^^) I owe both of them a lot of thanks!!

Cori also takes requests, so visit her site if you want something romanized.

Momo-chan (and Yolanda-hime-chan) : Yolanda-hime-chan asked Momoko-chan to translate the ENTIRE "love me?" mini-album. Then Yolanda gave the translations to me. (^^) Momo-chan also romanized ALL the songs. (NOTE: I used Cori's romanization for "SWEET HEART".)

This was a BIG request, and I greatly appreciate all of their efforts and work. Thank you so much!!

Megchan & Kiwi Musume : These two talented (and famous!) translators revised several lyrics from me, mostly from the "Flowers" and "love me?" albums. Thanks to them, the translations are now more accurate. ^^

Also, Megchan did the kanji AND romaji to "Sunrise", then Kiwi Musume translated it!! (^^) Megchan also takes requests, so visit her site if you want something translated and/or romanized.

quartet4 : He's translated most of moumoon's singles, and for that I really owe him.

You should also check out his website: he's done other translations, and he even takes requests! ^^ (Japanese -> Romaji Converter) : I usually romanize lyrics by myself, but sometimes I feel tired (or lazy). And that's when I go to (^^) This nifty little site converts Japanese kanji into romaji!

To use the site, first you choose how you want the kanji to be formatted (I use the "separate text blobs" option, so the paragraphs/stanzas won't get broken into separate lines.) Then after you hit the "Click To Set" button, just paste your kanji lyrics and hit the "Convert" button.

Unfortunately, the converter does have a few flaws: it sometimes romanizes words incorrectly (ex: 君 is converted as "kun" instead of "kimi"). And it usually won't separate participles (ni, ga, de...) from regular words, especially if the word is written in hiragana instead of kanji (ex: ひとつで becomes "hitotsude", but 一つで is read as "hitotsu de").

But hey, if you just want romaji to sing to, this site is perfect. And if you know some Japanese (and have the actual song/MP3), you can easily clean the lyrics up yourself. ^^

Kanji/Other Lyrics

Goo Music (moumoon & MAKAI's Lyric Page) : This is a really popular lyric database, and if offers a TON of lyrics. Best of all, the lyrics are typed (and not image scans, like Yahoo! Japan's music page), so you can copy/paste the lyrics as needed. The only downside: sometimes there are a few minor mistakes in the lyrics. But they're easily fixed if you listen to the actual song. ^^

They also have a few English lyrics (especially if a Japanese artist sang in English). This is where I got moumoon's English lyrics from. : This is another wonderful Japanese lyrics site. (^^) It's starting to become my favorite lyric site, especially since Goo Music stopped using text lyrics, and now uses a Flash/image format. I highly recommend this site if you want good lyrics, in TEXT FORMAT.

LyricWiki : This is a HUGE site that's similar to Wikipedia, but it's used for lyrics. Most of the lyrics are for mainstream English-speaking artists, but it does have lyrics in other languages. Including a few Do As Infinity kanji lyrics. ^^

Thanks to this site, I got the lyrics to "Be My Baby", a song that YUKA covered.

JBook (CD & DVD Warehouse) : This is a store (and unfortunately, I doubt they ship overseas). However, I use them for my lyrics. A lot of times, I can't find the name of certain lyricists/composers/arrangers, and this site has helped me a LOT.

Yodobashi & Tower Records Online : These are two online stores; they're similar to JBook: a lot of times, I can't find the name of certain lyricists/composers/arrangers, and these sites (especially Yodobashi) have helped me a LOT. They specifically helped me figure out the arranger for MAKAI's "7 years" album. ^^

To find information on a song's lyricists/composers/arrangers, click the icon on Yodobashi and the icon on Tower Records Online. Lyrics : This site has been VERY helpful to me before (I've gotten a lot of other lyrics from here, especially in "D.A.I.'s Other Works" section), and they've helped me yet again. (^^) Thanks to this site, I was able to get lyrics for "100 LOVES", YUKA's collaboration with CLIFF EDGE. (Tip: as of October 2011, you might have to get lyrics from them "the advanced way": view the source code, copy the decimal code, and plug it into a Decimal-Hex-Unicode converter).

I'd also like to thank the following sites for helping me:

  • King Record's page on Akimoto Junko ("AJ") - this page listed the arrangers on "VOYAGE", which is CLIFF EDGE's mini-album that YUKA appears on.
  • Musicman-NET's "VOYAGE" page - this site explained told me WHY there were two "CD covers" (and it also gave me their official catalogue numbers). I wasn't sure if one CD cover was for a Limited Edition, or CD+DVD, or what. And CLIFF EDGE's official site didn't help me, either. >.>

Help with "Don't Worry" (collab w/ Rie fu) : The following sites were very helpful --

  • Multi lemonia (Korean Site) - I learned about Rie fu's record label and got both CD covers from here.
  • TSUTAYA online - this is a Japanese CD store (which is famous for having rare merchandise AND giving away free stuff with "First Edition" CDs, but sadly they DON'T ship overseas). Anyway, the site also told me who composed "Don't Worry", so it's just as helpful as JBook. (^^) It's a good site to visit if you want to learn who the lyricist/composer/arranger of a song is.

KashiNavi : This is a lyrics site ("kashi" means "lyric" in Japanese). It has a lot of kanji lyrics for a lot of different artists, and will ocassionally list some rare songs. This was the first site that posted the lyrics for the "Let's dance in the moonlight" CDS. It's also one of the ONLY sites to post lyrics for this I'm very grateful for them. The only issue with the site: all of the lyrics are in image/"scanned" format, so you have to take a screencapture in order to get the lyrics. But that's a small price to pay if you're in dire need of lyrics. (^^) This site is a true godsend.

Oo (Little Oslo) & OIKTV's "moumoon" Lyrics : These sites were very helpful. (^^) Oo has very accurate lyrics, but they only have a small amount of lyrics. OIKTV, on the other hand, has a LOT of lyrics, but you will need to proofread OIKTV's lyrics because they'll sometimes use the Chinese (and not the Japanese) kanji for a word. (Ex: for the word "voice", they often wrote ["shengse"] instead of ["koe"]).