"Usagi" ("Rabbit")
Performed by: Unknown (Original Version) [1],
Lyrics & Composition: Unknown [1]

Arrangement: Unknown (Original Version) [1],
                       Kousuke Masaki (moumoon Version)

º moumoon = YUKA (vocals/lyrics), Kousuke Masaki (guitar/synthesizers/composition/arrangement)

Song from:
[1 CD single] - Let's dance in the moonlight

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Usagi usagi
Nani mite haneru
Juugo-ya otsuki-san
Mite haneru

Rabbit, rabbit,
What are you watching when you are jumping?
The full moon on the night of the fifteenth,
That is what I am watching when I am jumping.
Oasis Heart3's Note:
[1] This song was written a loooong time ago (i.e., over 100 years ago), and its creator is now lost to the ages. No one remembers who they are. :(

This song is a classic Japanese kids song, similar to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star": all Japanese people should know this song. (^^) Since it's short, the lyrics are usually repeated two or three times, as evidenced in this video (which features a children's choir singing the song).

(from Kiwi Musume) This CD single is a reference to this legend and the Japanese moon viewing festival. The name of the rabbit, "15" (or "Ichi-go"...or "One-Five"), refers to the traditional date on which the festival is held (see the second Wiki link). I'm really surprised that this single (whose other 2 tracks are also related to this festival and legend) came out in May, though, as the moon viewing festival is in September.