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More Info on Upcoming Single
(posted on June 2, 2009)

It has now been confirmed that moumoon will indeed have a new single, and it will be titled "On the right".  (^^) The tracklist has also been confirmed:

1.  On the right
2.  ハレルヤ (HARERUYA - "Hallelujah")
3.  Philia
4.  On the right ~instrumental~
5.  ハレルヤ (HARERUYA - "Hallelujah") ~instrumental~

I assume this single will have an English version of "Philia", and not a remix of the song (either way, bleh. I don't really like "Philia" too much. Sorry, YUKA. ><;)

The scheduled release date is July 22, 2009. (^^) You can also pre-order this single at YesAsia and CDJapan. You can also click on the "Latest Release" link at the top of the page. =)

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