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"Destiny" + "Aoi Tsuki..." Single
(posted on November 10, 2009)

Earlier this month, I added moumoon's new, iTunes exclusive song called "Destiny". And now (thanks to my friend Infinitylight) I've discovered the official PV for the song. =D

I also have news on their upcoming single. (^^) As usual, their official site has changed its layout in honor of the new CD. And this latest layout is gorgeous, and even has a bit of a "Halloween" vibe to it. (Maybe the full moon is making me feel that way?)

Aside from changing the official site, they've also created a special site in honor of the new single, and it has:

• Messages from YUKA and Kousuke. I'm not sure what the messages are saying, though. (^^;) I'll try to ask Kiwi Musume to translate them.

Lyrics and a LONG, 1 MINUTE MP3 SAMPLE of the song! It's on this page of the special site! (^^) The official lyrics (and arrangement) are a bit different from the demo version. I'm also surprised (and happy) that they listed longer samples, which now feature the verse AND the chorus. Maybe they found my website and got inspired? xD

A story related to the song. I'm not sure what the story is about, but it appears to be a work of fiction by an author named Erika Sakurazawa. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who Ms. Sakurazawa is -- maybe she's a fan who won some sort of contest? *o*

The official CD single tracklisting.

1. Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai
2. Hallelujah
3. Run, Rachel Run
4. Medley... (2009 Autumn ver.)
5. Run, Rachel Run -instrumental-
6. Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai -instrumental-

Shouldn't the "Aoi Tsuki..." instrumental be Track #5? Since that song comes first on the CD? (o_O) Anyway, according to Tsutaya (an online store), it looks like the medley is a mixture of 8 songs:

-Do You Remember?
-Tiny Star
-more than love
-Don't wanna be

And apparently, "Hallelujah" is getting an English verse, which REALLY makes me happy because I love that song!!

I think it's really cool what they did for this new single! Hopefully this will promote more sales. (^^) And I hope they'll make "special sites" for their future releases as well.

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