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New Song + Mini-Album!
(posted on February 7, 2010)
*UPDATED ON February 12, 2010 - see all highligted sections below*

moumoon will be releasing a new mini-album in March! (^^) The tracklist is as follows:

01. リフレイン (RIFUREIN - "Refrain")
02. Brilliant days
03. 天 国に一番遠い場所 ("Tengoku ni Ichiban Tooi Basho")
04. Kiss me Baby
06. 青い月とアンビバレンスな愛 ("Aoi Tsuki to AMBIBARENSU [Ambivalence] na Ai")

"Tengoku ni Ichiban Tooi Basho" is currently being used in this commercial for iWedding. (^^) I'm not sure what iWedding is (and no, it's not an app for the iPhone)...but it looks like it may be a wedding boutique/wedding planner service.

I think this song is pretty, and it sounds like it's 100% English! (^^)  I ripped an MP3 sample from the commercial, in case anyone wants it:

Download MP3 sample
(ripped from commercial)

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