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New Songs + More Info on "Refrain"
(posted on March 20, 2010)
*UPDATED ON April 8, 2010 - see all highligted sections below*

There's a lot of news to report!  As you may know, "Refrain", their latest mini-album, is going to be released this week!  (^^)  This release is groundbreaking in two ways: (1) the CD+DVD is actually worth its price, and (2) I've already updated the site with MP3 samples and [romanized] lyrics! (^^) Someone (who shall remain anonymous) gave me radio rips of the songs, so I was able to make longer samples than the ones posed on their official site.  And I was also able to (somewhat) check the lyrics.

I'll talk more about this CD later, but first: did you know that they're planning to release ANOTHER CD?  They posted the news about 1-2 weeks ago. xD

New Single #1: "Sunshine Girl"
The song will be used in a commercial for Shinseido Cosmetics.  More specifically, it'll be used in their "Anessa" brand of sunscreen lotion. Quite an appropriate song choice, ne? (^_~) It'll be released on May 12, so I've just updated the "Latest CD" section.  I've already updated the "Commercialized Songs" page with this new information.

The commercial will air on April 19, but until then, you can preview the song on the "Anessa" website.

New Single #2: "Let's Dance in the Moonlight"
I think this song is supposed to be called "Jugoya no Tsuki o Mite Haneru Usagi"(translation: "A Rabbit Leaping at the Sight of the Full Moon"), and here's why.  CDJapan (or rather, their Japanese site, NeoWing) posted a description of this single. I asked Kiwi Musume to translate it, and here's what it says:

"A new original character for popular fashion brand Mono Comme Ca will be launched in May 2010. The character is a rabbit whose tentative name is '15', pronounced 'Ichigo', which is also the Japanese for 'strawberry'. moumoon is working on a collaborative CD with this new character. moumoon will release 十五夜の月を見て跳ねるうさぎ ('Jugoya no Tsuki o Mite Haneru Usagi'), an original single with a world view reminiscent of Japanese children's song 'Usagi' ('Rabbit')! The DVD will have a computer animated music video."

-Info from NeoWing/CDJapan
(translated by Kiwi Musume)

You can hear the original version of "Usagi" (and learn more about it) on this webpage.

New Collaboration: "Don't Worry"
This is a collaboration with Rei fu, and another artist named KAT! (^^) Rei fu's album, "Rei fu: in Sessions", will be released on March 30.  I've added this to the site (in the "Collaborations" section), AND the lyrics have been translated!

More Information About "Refrain"
As usual, moumoon's official site has changed its layout in honor of the new CD.  The new site layout is gorgeous. It uses a lot of soft watercolors.  So I guess it's fitting that the promo pics have YUKA standing in water, and that the WonderGOO Store is giving away these colored pencils as a bonus gift. xD

While on the subject of bonus gifts: the mu-mo Shop is giving away stickers with the album. (^o^) If you haven't ordered your CD yet, I suggest using one of these two stores. :D

To further honor this CD, moumoon has created a second special site.  It's similar to the first special site, which is for the "Aoi Tsuki..." CD single, and it features:

• Messages from YUKA and Kousuke. I'm not sure what the messages are saying, though. (^^;) I'll try to ask Kiwi Musume to translate them.

Lyrics and LONG MP3 SAMPLE of each song! It's on this page of the special site! ^^

A special "bulletin board". This part of the site is confusing.  It looks like part of the album deals with school graduation, so YUKA asked people to share their words of encouragement.  She wants you to share the best quotes and lessons you learned during that time.  Each entry will be entered into a drawing, and on April 11, the winner will be announced.  I'm not sure what the prize is, though...and I'm pretty sure you have to live in Japan to enter the contest. =(

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