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Lots of News to Report
(posted on May 15, 2010)

1) moumoon's official site layout has changed again; it's now themed after the "Sunshine Girl" single.

2) Speaking of Sunshine Girl...the music video/PV is out!  And so is the Anessa commercial!! And they're both really nice and adorable!!! =D

The official CD covers for both singles have also been revealed (and YesAsia FINALLY added a link for "Let's dance in the moonlight"). "Sunshine Girl" has just been released, and it's been added to WAFTF along with the romaji lyrics!

    The lady on the "Sunshine Girl" cover is Yu Aoi, who also stars in the Anessa sunscreen lotion commercial. The cover for "Let's dance in the moonlight" features Ichigo, the new mascot for Mono Comme Ca fashion.

4) Yes, that's correct: based on the CD cover, the 2nd single is indeed called "Let's dance in the moonlight" I officially have no frickin' clue what "Jugoya no Tsuki o Mite Haneru Usagi" is. Maybe it's a bonus track on the CD?  Or maybe NeoWing tried to "translate" the title to Japanese and messed up? (Or...maybe I should just write avex and ask them? xD)

5) In July, moumoon will be releasing another album!  No word yet if it'll be a mini-album, or full length....but according to this page (on Vanda, a Japanese store), one of the new tracks might be called "Plastic Joy". The album might also feature the original and remixed versions of another, new song.

6) moumoon (and Do As Infinity) have joined UNICEF Japan on a very special project called "Happy Birthday Download for Children". Each day a different Japanese singer performs "Happy Birthday" and it's available as a 600 ($6.00) download; all proceeds (including taxes) will go to UNICEF. The project started on November 2, 2009. It was originally going to be for 110 days, but it's still ongoing. You can learn a bit more information (including the names of all of the artists) on this English website.

I believe the songs are only available as ringtones (see the commercial), but I could be wrong. I think the songs are also broadcast in their entirity (3 minutes!) on J-Wave, a Japanese radio station, from 11:42 to 11:45 PM.

Unfortunately, moumoon already performed (on April 20, 2010) but Do As Infinity hasn't. I've contacted UNICEF to see if non-Japanese people can purchase these songs (and if we can backorder them); I'll let you know what they say.

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