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More Info on the New CDs
(posted on July 4, 2010)

There's a LOT of news to report. I know I'm seriously behind schedule because of school, and I apologize for it. (><;) But I do have a lot of good news!

 "Sunshine Girl" has its own promotional website now.  It's similar to what they did for "Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai", and "Refrain"...but the newest website is really cute and creative!  I suggest you go there at least once. It's a very unique site! :D

2) A "new", iTunes exclusive was released on May 19.  It's basically a small collection of their old songs, but it only costs 900, which means each song costs roughly 110. (If only they'd make their future songs available at that same price. T__T)

I've posted the entire album and its cover art in the "Albums" page. Go check it out. :)

2) "Let's dance in the moonlight" has finally been released, and it's now in the "CD Singles" section, along with translated lyrics! (^^) It's official tracklisting was also posted around May 19:

01. Let's dance in the moonlight
02. うさぎ (Usagi)
03. Let's dance in the moonlight -English ver.-
04. Let's dance in the moonlight -instrumental ver.-

The original/Japanese ver. PV has also been posted online. (^^) For more information on each song (as well as the DVD), please visit the "CD Singles" page.

3) They'll be releasing a new mini-album on July 7!!! They made several different announcements on their website, and also posted this promo YouTube video. (^^) At the end of the video is a really nice promotional image, with a cool '60s vibe. (Although I'm kinda scared that YUKA's shirt says "Psycho Killer". [o_O] But...maybe she kills psychos? That'd be less scary. :)

Anyway, the new mini-album will be called "SPARK". Their official website has been slightly updated as well...but they basically just changed the side image, which now features YUKA.

The official tracklist (as well as MP3 samples!) has been revealed on this page of their official site:

02. Sunshine Girl
04. Plastic Joy
05. Dreaming Driving
06. Swallowtail ~あいのうた (ai no uta)~ ["~love song~"]

-Bonus Tracks-
07. Sunshine Girl ~English Ver.~
08. Let's dance in the moonlight

As you can see, it's been confirmed that "Plastic Joy" IS the name of a new song. In April, Vanda (a Japanese store) mentioned this would be on the mini-album, and they were correct. (^^)

"Plastic Joy" is also being used in an iWedding commercial, just like "Tengoku ni Ichiban Tooi Basho" was. (The song sounds like something Avril Lavigne might do, but I digress.)

Track 6 ("Swallowtail...") is actually a cover song; the original was done by Chara (a female singer). It was the theme song for the movie "Swallowtail" (which Chara also starred in; the song was actually done by her fictitious band in the movie), and the song became Chara's breakout hit.

Supposedly, the bonus tracks are ONLY going to be on the Limited Edition CD (which is the CD+DVD version), but I'm not sure how accurate this is. Hopefully it's just a rumor, and they'll be on the CD Only version too; it's only fair. You shouldn't be penalized for buying the cheaper CD.  T_T

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