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One Huge, Big-@$$ Update
(posted on October 31, 2010)

I haven't posted on this site in nearly four months. (*___*) I got so busy with school, and a LOT has happened!!!!

I forgot to post the translation to "Sunshine Girl". (><;;) Sorry about that!! It's been added to the site now.

2) Speaking of "Sunshine Girl"...this song has basically made moumoon famous. (^__^) In August, "Sunshine Girl" was certified double platinum (500,000) for ringtone downloads. (This news comes from Martzb @

The song has been featured in another commercial, too. In fact, a LOT of moumoon's songs have been used in commercials of course, the "Commercialized" page has been updated. :D

There are also REMAKES of "Sunshine Girl"...BY OTHER ARTISTS! On iTunes Japan I found 3 orgel versions, 1 MIDI version, and 1 really awful hip-hop/pop remix. (^^) There's also an orgel version of "TOMOSHIBI".

3) "What's 'TOMOSHIBI'?" you ask.  Well, it's a song from their not-really-new mini-album, "SPARK"! It was released on July 7 (I'm so late updating this. ;__;). Unfortunately, moumoon didn't create a special promotional website this time. Instead, they just revamped their "Sunshine Girl" site (which makes sense, because both the Japanese AND English version of "Sunshine Girl" are on the mini-album).

I'm happy to say that moumoon has another hit CD on their hands. "SPARK" even debuted at #10 on the Oricon Charts, and eventually reached #4! They're getting [more] famous!!! (But I wish they got famous from another song, though. They've made better songs than "Sunshine Girl", you know? I mean, it's a good song, but still...)

Anyway, "SPARK" has been added to the website, along with translated lyrics. (^^)

I've also added "Swallowtail Butterfly ~ai no uta~" to the Downloads section. And I found some video clips you can watch too!

Swallowtail Butterfly ~ai no uta~ (Short PV)
Sunshine Girl (Live)
Sunshine Girl + SPARK (Live)

[*] I think there's ONLY a "short PV/music video" for this song. :(

4) moumoon is about to release TWO new CD singles!  The first one is a TRIPLE A-side featuring the songs "moonlight", "スカイハイ (SKY HIGH)", and "YAY".  You can listen to a sample of "moonlight" on the Commercialized page. (^^) Since the song is being used in an Aeon Wine commercial, I posted the link there.

Their official website has been updated now...and you can sample ALL of the songs here (on the right side of the page, click 試聴する). (^^) The PV for "moonlight" was also released on October 22. The song is pretty cute, and it definitely grows on you.

Their second CD single is called "Secret Santa".  Its release hasn't been officially confirmed yet; I only found a pre-order link on YesAsia by mistake. xD.  When I get more information, I'll update the site accordingly.

5) Lastly, there's ANOTHER new moumoon song, called "One Step". It's the theme song to a cooking show called "Kitchen Wagon". You can sample this song on the Commercialized page, too. I'm not sure when (or if) this song will be officially released, but I'll keep you informed.

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